Saturday, 9 September 2017

X Marks the Spot

I have completed several interesting map projects recently and have enjoyed a slight break over the last few weeks, however as always just as you get used to putting your feet up in comes more work. I am working closely with Charles Singleton the author of Warlord Games' new supplement for the English Civil War, Charles is also the editor for Helion's Century of the Soldier series concentrating on the years 1618-1721 and is adding several new books to the series. These deal with the Battle of Sheriffmuir from the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, Peter the Great and the Northern Horse during the English Civil War. I have also been contacted to draw an atlas of the American War of Independence for Andrew Bamford, another of Helion's Century of the Soldier editors who covers the years 1721-1815. In between these I receive other projects and help out with the odd redraw of a map which, once at the typesetters is found to be unusable.

Here are a few of my recent jobs. The first is "The Great Northern War," this was obviously a large series of campaigns as this is only the map which covers the western part.

This from a book about Apache leader Vitorio's 1879 campaign, "I Will Not Surrender a Hair of a Horses Tail."

"The Battle of Majuba Hill"  the Transvaal campaign which gave the Boers the confidence to take on the British Empire in a later war.

This is a siege map from "Recollections from the Ranks" the Russian/Prussian attack on the French occupied city in 1813.

The next is a work in progress for "Crucible of the Jacobite '15: The Battle of Sheriffmuir" this is my rendering of a preliminary sketch from the author, it still has to meet his approval and possible corrections or amendments.

So, once the hols are over a busy schedule ahead, but an enjoyable one, the atlas should be 120 maps and is due to be ready for early 2019, so I am looking forward to that one.

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