Monday, 12 March 2018

Under Pressure

Doing a bit of catch up over the past week I should be finished several units by now and looking at getting a few more extra's for the Seleucids but I slipped up on a couple of fronts. I got some unarmoured peltasts from Crusader but they arrived without their shields, I therefore decided to arm them in the main with round shields as I had quite a few lying about, but it dawned on me as they neared completion that I didn't have any transfers, so I popped a quick email off to Little Big Man Studios, I also decided as I had the figures that this unit would be 18 men rising to 20 rather than 16, so I had to order some new movement trays from Warbases. LBMS went on holiday and Warbases was a tad slow which is unusual for them, I am now at the stage where the trays have been posted but not arrived, getting a bad feeling about this package, and LBMS is back from holiday and the transfers are in the post. There was a package waiting at the Sorting Office today but it was not the trays but peltast shields from Crusader, in a rather big box which wouldn't fit through my letter box, eight shields! So I sit at a standstill at the moment.

Wait, wait................

I also forgot about last week at the club, Simon put on a Dystopian Wars naval battle, Germany vs Great Britain, I was the Germans. We ended up with only two players and Simon as umpire, Simon had expected more so the game was a bit large for two players, I had played before but I think Andy was brand new so to be honest not a lot happened. There was a ship in the centre of the table which had to be captured and I managed to do this as time was called, despite this we did have some interesting little actions between our air forces including bombers, some launched from two beautiful model air ships and a bit of surface combat between the ships, I think I lost more small ships than Andy. Elsewhere we had Shadespire and underground Frostgrave so a fantasy and futuristic night.

Battlegroup at the club tomorrow somewhere in Normandy I believe, so that should be lively. No boardgaming today as I only arrived back from London at lunchtime and then had to have blood taken, I also have to get a move on with maps as several projects seem to be building up on me at the moment, Helion are republishing George Nafziger's book on the Battle of Dresden and I have about 34 maps to draw for this. I am also turning into the travelling wargamer again on Friday as I head to Bristol for a weekend of War and Conquest organised by author Rob Broom, I have army lists to get ready at some point in the next couple of days. We are also planning a Hoplite vs Hoplite bash on Thursday afternoon as well, where does the time go?


  1. With all that going on how do find time to eat ;~)

  2. Wargaming has always come before eating Phil. Hoping things calm down after the weekend.

  3. You don’t mention when you manage to sleep...

  4. Usually at the counter around 3 ish.