Saturday, 27 August 2016

Happiness and Disappointment

Well I got my latest parcel from Warlord Games yesterday afternoon, the dice thankfully were indeed the same as I had got before, sand, although that is a bit of a stretch if you ask me but there you go, mountain out of a molehill. The British dice I shall repaint as the writing is a bit dull on them, the sand dice thankfully are fine, better than the last lot which I did repaint.


I managed to finish the amendments to the Mongol Invasion maps and just could not resist building the Sdkfz 7/1, no problems at all with this and I used my extensive skills to put a magnet into the halftrack base and one on the gun, so it can swivel no problem and stay in place during movement, quite chuffed with that. The vehicle will be from the 2nd Panzer Divisions I Panzer Battalion Staff Company, namely the 3 Fliegerabwherzug.

I had to do the shop this morning and as I was not expecting many customers on a beautiful Sunny morning I took the Churchill down and began that build as well. No sooner had I started than I got customers, in fact I got more this morning than I have had in the last three Saturdays. No matter, I completed the tank just after lunch. I have chosen a Mk IV from the half dozen variants and due to the decals which come with it I have gone for the 31st Tank Brigade which supported the 15th Scottish Division for a time in Normandy. I would have liked the Scots Guards but the decals only cover the first two regiments of the 31st and the Guards not the third.

The Postie also brought me a large cylinder containing maps for a three volume book on the Iran-Iraq war which was a bit of a shock as I had not expected anything like this as I have also been commissioned to do about 30 maps on the Battle of Arras in 1917.

What he didn't bring me was some wound markers from 4Ground which were posted ten days ago according to their records. Knowing the PO as I do I suspect they are not coming, however I will hold off until I reach two weeks overdue and get back on to 4Ground, what really hurts is that I paid £5 for postage for an item which I deduce should have been 75p at the cheapest or 96p at the most. Also I know that 4Ground are very good at despatching orders and they normally take no more than a few days.


  1. George, that 7/1 flak AA gun half track is an absolute beast in BA! I've nicknamed Colin's the "Death Star". You'll have fun with that I'm sure!

    1. It looks like a beast as well, looking forward to painting it.