Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I Can'st Takes No More

The quote comes from Popeye, a character I could never quite take to, I think it was his taste in women which put me off, Olive Oil, come on, even after ten weeks at sea it would have to be a no, and I've done that, but thankfully the first land fall after that was Mombasa, but that's another story.

I have had almost a week with no wargaming project on the tray or table and it has got to me, so much so that I decided I needed a quadruple flak halftrack (Sdkfz 7/1) for my Germans and a Churchill tank for the British in case that Panther ever shows up in my version of Normandy. I also got two new sets of order dice, my armies have now grown to such an extent that if I get them all on the table I will need more than the original twelve. I had to actually ring Warlord as I could not find the same colour of dice I use for my Germans, I should have got plain grey or black but I didn't. Have you ever tried to explain a colour over the phone, it is not easy and although the guy on the phone tried his best it was me who eventually gave up. I did what I should have done in the beginning and looked up my original invoice, they were sand(!), I am still not sure what will arrive in the post will be the same colour as there is no way that can be described as sand.

How cool is that?
 I also checked with Aventine as to when the Byzantines will be ready, Keith himself is waiting for them and he let me know his upcoming schedule, I should guess after winter so I might have to go with something else in the meantime. I also noticed that after the Byzantines they are planning 3rd Century Romans, he really does want more money off me. When I recruited the Twelfth I really wanted 3rd C Romans not 2nd C, don't get me wrong, the Thunderbolts are my favourite army but I had wanted something different and was not convinced by the A&A figures, despite being done by the same sculptor and the fact I have seen some beautifully painted examples. I just think his work for Aventine is far better.

I managed to get to the club this week, but as my two granddaughters are here and I am still churning my way through a backlog of maps I will leave the report for now.

I see I have been tagged by Phil Robinson in his 'News from the Front' blog, I have noticed Phil's name on several forums and admired his painting style, I especially like his Dark Age stuff so do pop along and have a look, it is also a very good wargamers blog. I hope that is not as daft as it sounds. In a coincidence his backdrop is a WWI map of La Boisselle a place I have drawn several maps of for a recent Helion publication.


  1. Thank you for the plug George. Good to hear Aventine plan some 3rd Cent. Romans, it looks like I may be expanding my army at some point, have lots to paint in the meantime. Really enjoy reading your blog, your humour is spot on.

  2. Well that's two of us who think you're amusing George ����