Sunday, 7 August 2016

View From The Window

View on the run this morning, we are off for a picnic with the grandkids and the beautiful weather has gone, grey clouds and windy this morning. The road closure at the end of the month is the big talking point and everyone in the village apart from us have had a leaflet about what is happening, why they would leave out such an upstanding member of the community as me I do not know. The also have to get traffic lights to put in my broadband, they did not do this while they dug the road up so why it is required to pull the wire through is as usual, beyond me.

My gallbladder is not coming out, at least not yet, they have decided to give me a scan annually to keep an eye on the polyps and will only move on it if they get bigger or I get gallstones. Not sure I am happy with that.

The Olympics, nope, once again I shall be newsless as long as it lasts while I keep away from the TV until it is all over. I pity the poor people of Brazil whose money has been lavished on this entertainment instead of providing them with decent housing or sanitation, do you think the Olympic head honcho's are all free of corruption unlike all the other top sports bodies?

What about the morons grabbing their luggage just after their plane crash lands and the stewardess is screaming at them to jump? Haven't they seen any airplane crashes in movies, the fuel tank always explodes! And as usual there was someone there to film it.

The ban on the gay flag has been lifted at British embassies, I didn't even know a ban had been in place, I just took it for granted that no organisation's flag would be flown from an embassy as their job deals with nation states, not every Tom, Dick or Harry who dream up their own flag.

And just to finish for the day before the missus starts shouting at me to come and organise the picnic etc. I see Yvette Cooper was taken to task once again for still not having a refugee family in her home, but this time she blames government red tape, but that was after fobbing off the question for a good ten minutes.

There you go, have a nice Sunday.

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