Wednesday, 30 August 2017

El Arana Bites The Dust

Dead Man's Hand last night, nothing complicated, Mexican bandito leader 'The Spider' had to reinforce his hold on his men after all the recent disasters so he decided to attack a small town on the border and take it over.

The locals rounded up a posse under the sheriff to fight off the invaders, both sides faced off on Main Street, the only street as it happens in this one horse town, no wait, five horse town. The Law mainly kept together and advanced down the left hand row of buildings towards the General Store, the Banditos split, one group moving up the right hand side of the street while the others dug in around the store. Bullets started flying shortly after both sides got close enough, the Mexicans around the store had a good position with cover but the townsfolk were determined to get rid of them and kept trying to get close enough to inflict some damage. El Arana and his men made a dash across the street to join the fight, the Spider miscalculated and as he approached one building a flash of gunfire wounded but did not kill him, more bullets followed.

Two of the gang bit the dust to be followed by a couple of the posse, however that was it for the Banditos, the Spider failed to gun down his opponent and suffered a mortal wound as the Sheriff and Marshall closed in. Several more of the gang now dropped and the survivors had had enough and fled.

This was a good fight only let down by my almost total inability to finish off wounded enemy, it also stood out for the fact that not one person armed with a shotgun on either side managed to hit anything, and considering most of these shots were at point blank range with both barrels that takes some doing. I had two shotguns to Simon's one, but they did neither of us any good, all it did was leave their owners isolated as they rushed forward expecting success.

What about the Spider you ask, well he has gone to wherever bad Mexican stereotypes go to when they are dead, his men have had enough of failure, Viva El Lobo!

Elsewhere we had a Japanese Saga clash, two boardgames and Stuart trying out a new WWII set of rules, but I cannot remember the name.


  1. "a new WWII set of rules, but I cannot remember the name."

    Would that have been "Rommel"? Divisional scale, played on a grid?

    1. "Combat Patrol" Andy, not new, but new to the club, it was mainly card driven.