Thursday, 10 August 2017

Glan Gathering

I am off to our annual meet up of the Anderson Clan tomorrow, I am closing the PO until Monday, I have warned my two regulars so I can leave with a clear conscience, I don't much care to be honest, I had four customers this morning and all they wanted was money, no letters, no parcels.

We will eat and drink, we will play old fashioned games, sing, argue and shed a tear for our departed parents while taking a walk down memory lane. I hope the weather is kind to us for the egg and spoon, three-legged race and that one where you stand in a sack amongst others.

There will be no View this week for those who enjoy my ranting.

So, have a good weekend because I certainly will.


  1. Have yourself a fine weekend too George.

    PS. Don't drink too much ;~)

    1. My son has managed to get me a bottle of Canadian Club Classic so I may well have a real drink for a change, cheers.

  2. Andersons awa'! Enjoy your weekend!