Friday, 3 August 2018

Is it me? NO!

We have decided to further stick our toes into the 21st Century by not only carrying our mobiles around but to get a contract. The missus picked BT and went online to order up two SIM's and get a £30 reward, only to find out there was a problem and it had to be done on the phone. On the phone having gone through everything she was told you do not get the reward unless you do the transaction online, which of course you cannot do as it doesn't work. She cancelled the order and was told to wait 48 hours (why?) and do it online. You can see what's coming here. The order was not cancelled, I took over the helm and also found out nothing works online, I phoned up. The upshot was that Erica said she would not cancel the deal but would give us £30 off our bill, would that suit, well yes, but Erica did not know that we are still waiting for previous bill credits to show up, but that is another story. I took the easy option, I put the SIM's in the phones, carefully took down the numbers and asked for them to be activated.

This morning my SIM was activated and BT wished me all the best but sadly identified me as Evelyn and not George, yes, it had all gone far too easy. After 45 minutes on the Chat Line with Ayesha she said her system was down but I could do it online! With over an hour now lost I think I have now changed my name from Evelyn to George, but I am not holding my breath. I had triple checked all the numbers I had entered and written them down so no, it is not me, but once again the faceless incompetence of modern big business.

Now, the battle report, Rob was back from holiday and agreed to put on a Black Powder colonial game, we had six players and newbie Mike was getting another lesson in wargaming fun. We had an Egyptian garrison held up in a small village being attacked by two large forces of Mahdists, two Imperial brigades were coming to the rescue but there was another bunch of Johnny Foreigners around somewhere. I led my lads on to the field of battle with the intention of quickly knocking out some of the enemy ensconced in a small fort which would have threatened my flank, and then march smartly on the village. Mike on the opposite side of the table would also move as quickly as possible to the front.

The village.
The Fort.

My reluctant brigade.

So much for Plan A, my boys were not as keen as I was to move forward and failed most of their command throws, I did manage to assault the little fort with the Derbyshire's but was crestfallen when they were beaten back from the walls by guys wearing long T-shirts and a rifle between every ten men. Mike was also having problems getting any enthusiasm from his men, he was also beset by Mahdist camelry and cavalry but he managed to beat these brave but ultimately desperate attacks.

The Mahdist attack begins.
Desperate action.

The Egyptians meanwhile, despite a lack of ammunition, were fighting like Trojans in their make shift fortress, no one expected these troops to hold out and it was up to the British to save the day, but with the reluctance of both Imperial brigades that was not going to happen and the locals were on their own. Time and again the Mahdists hurled themselves into the village but despite everything the brave Egyptians held out, we were all quite frankly amazed. I did manage at last to get my boys to pull their socks up, split my square and send the Blue Jackets and some mounted infantry towards the village but it was too little too late, the honours went to the Egyptians. These troops have now held out in two games and are gaining a reputation far better than their historical counterparts.

I am too late.
 I am half way through painting my line cataphracts and they should be done in about a week, so I shall have to order up my next SYW battalion so they are sitting ready to go, I am thinking perhaps I may get some cavalry and artillery soon to give me a change, that being as good as a rest.

Right, I better get on, I have maps to draw and have lost a complete morning almost.


  1. it is called devolution, almost anyone on the end of a phone is a chimp.

    nice game.

  2. Phones can't live with, sadly getting that you can't live without them.

    Bring back pigeons 😃

    Great bat rep.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Now far be it from me to rant about BT...
    But when they sold me an internet upgrade, and said it would be cheaper use wifi, I knew there had to be a catch, but stupidly went along with it.
    What they didn't tell me was that they would try to screw me on charging for extra usage allowance. Several angry phone-calls later and I managed to resolve the petty scam. *sigh*

    There is an increasingly thin line between business practice and licensed thievery - magnified by the millenial superiority of the sales team who apparently can 'sort this fing out fo me', whilst simultaneously trying to sell me a ***king mobile phone contract which I've told them eighteen times that I don't want.

    I suppose it could be worse; I could be paying for a TV licence when I don't watch BBC and don't watch live TV...wait...

    ...and relax...

    1. The really dangerous crooks do not come in the back window but wear nice suits, shirt and tie and a welcoming smile.

      With you 100% on the TV licence scam.......and relax......

  4. I think I will stick with PAYG🙂 Very apt game given the current weather, I always feel very intimidated when fighting the Mahdist hordes even with firepower on tap.

    1. I see these people on their phones all day but I hardly ever have the need to pick mine up, despite trying.

      After the weekend I am 'glowing' here in the PO, should know better at my age.

  5. George,
    EE are just as bungling (or perhaps 'dodgy') - endless bother. I am impressed with Tesco mobile though. Did exactly as promised and no hassles. A couple of subsequent queries promptly dealt with too. Shows it can be done.
    Really enjoyed that little bat rep :o)

  6. They are all crooks, the staff are all spotty adolescents, what did you expect?
    Nice game report, bravo the Egyptians.

    1. No argument there David. Have been waiting for your Claymore report, I suspect it was a no go this year?

    2. It is on the blog now.