Saturday, 6 April 2019

Let us pray.

The first of the latest vehicles is finished, not counting the howitzer. My Allies are short of artillery so just in case they make it to the table top I thought I would do the Priest first, as I said the kit was not up to the same standard as the Rubicon models but then again it was a big lump of resin.

So, first up was a base coat of Russian Uniform, I try very hard to cover every area but there is always bits in corners etc. which don't take, to solve this I then give the whole model a watered down coat of the base coat, this normally does the trick. I generally put the decals on at this stage as I want them to weather with the rest of the vehicle. I follow this with a drybrush of the base coat but with some white added. With Allied vehicles I now give them a wash with slighty watered down Army Painter Dark Tone, if you don't like things too dark then use Strong Tone, the darker tones suit the green background. Before all this I had added a couple of jerrycans, a box and a bag to the rear deck so I now picked out some of the details, the tracks in the boxes (Track Primer) the shells (Brass and Black), tools and hawsers (Gunmetal), handles (Biege Brown) and finally the canvas cover (Canvas). I now turned to the tracks (Track Primer) and then gave all the metal parts a light wash of MIG Rust Tracks. Last but not least I pitted the edges with the sponge technique using black. For the deck of the cabin I simply used anything which turned out grungy, rust, brown, black etc. To top it off I cut up a piece of netting, washed it with PVA with a blob of green added and stuck it on the after deck. I have now sourced a couple of bags of storage so all my vehicles might suddenly sprout more 'stuff' at a later stage.

Someone mentioned buying an anti-tank gun and using the crew in the Priest, but I did not go that route and just scrounged the two I have used from my bits box, the others, Nobby, Chalky and Jock are nowhere to be seen, maybe having a brew before the big show.

So there we have it, I am quite chuffed with this piece and it painted up well despite my misgivings. I have now base painted the first of the German halftracks, the Flammpanzer, not sure how quick I will be with this as I have several map projects which Helion need sooner rather than later.


  1. Another lovely model George! Thanks for the painting tips too.
    Looking forward to a big game of BA so we can get all our toys out.

  2. That has a very nice metallic look to it George. For what they are about to receive.

  3. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Fine addition there George.

  4. lovely model - although disappointing that Scots regiments didn't rename them "Minister" or "kirk" even. Mind you, if they had they'd have needed quite a few bottles of sherry to get them moving! very nice paintwork - has a very authentic look to it. I'm a Rapid Fire player - but I've also just started a Bolt Action collection with some nice paras and commandos - there's always another period*, scale*, theatre*, ruleset*, army* (* no point deleting - it's all applicable to all of us!!)

    1. Thanks Ken. I have played games of Rapid Fire, but some time ago now. I have six squads of infantry for each side at the moment but with all the new vehicles I will add a couple more, some British Para's and Waffen SS, the latter so they can be used on the Ost Front (if I ever do that of course) otherwise I would have gone for Fallschirmjager. Bear in mind BA is a whole different game than anything else WWII.