Sunday, 1 November 2015

View From The Window

I'm fairly late today for no other reason than I only have a few things to do today and all day to do them in. It is very quiet out there this morning, not much to see as there is a mist hanging around, it is slightly damp but not cold, I know this as I have already made a trip to the bin with the remains of last nights Indian takeaway and I took special care not to let the glass bottles jingle too much in case neighbours get the wrong idea, damn recycling. Washington House remains unsold as I suspect it will until at least Spring next year, it does not look its best in this kind of weather being (in my opinion) an unattractive building anyway.

At the beginning of the week I felt a sore throat coming on, in fact it turned out to be a throaty cough and not the harbinger of a cold as it usually is, and all jokes of 'man flu' aside it has been a week of hell, especially at night, as soon as I lay my head down it starts, coughing and spluttering into the wee hours, I averaged around three hours sleep for at least five days. I bought lozenges, pastilles, cough medicine, Night Nurse, drank hot toddies and neat honey and nothing worked, despite what it said on the tin. Have you noticed none of that stuff works, Lemsips, muscle rubs, indigestion remedies, absolutely none of it, you have to get stuff a chemist will not give you, doctor stuff, to have any hope of relief. I pleaded for antibiotics and after four days am still waiting for the miracle pills to kick in.

The fallout from illness.
 And as if I didn't feel bad enough I decided to watch 'River', a police drama as I was sitting around during the witching hour doing nothing else. The 'hero' was so depressing and boring I felt my will to live shutting down, I only just managed to get to the 'Done' button in time. On the other hand I tried the new police drama 'Cuffs' set in sunny Brighton, a Brighton from another dimension I presume as I am sure no one from the town would recognise the TV one. Almost within the first ten minutes we had a police force recruited from a ridiculous melting pot of political correctness with almost every ethnicity and sexual preference keeping us safe, and the few baddies that I stayed around long enough to notice were of course white males.

Have you heard the one about the racist fruit basket? Just when you think things cannot get any worse along comes a story which beggers belief, in America, and don't laugh if you don't come from there, have a good look around at your own country. Marching bands in the US give other schools presents at some point and this particular fruit basket was labled as 'racist' as it included amongst other fruits, watermelons, pineapples and coconuts, the first thing that jumps into my mind is 'I don't like coconuts' not 'RAAAAAACISTS'. Sadly this kind of thing is no longer unbelievable.

As a Scot all this healthy stuff annoys me!
 I can't leave this alone today, the animal rights nuts are suing a photographer who happened to leave his camera lying around for a monkey to pick it up and accidentally take a 'selfie', the PETA organisation want the royalties and rights to the photograph to belong to the monkey. The said monkey of course is somewhere in a jungle unaware of his notoriety and burgeoning riches, so instead of lynching the poor photographer can't we just agree that if the monkey will send his bank details the photographer will simply deposit the cash, end of.

 Naomi Harris the new 'Bond Girl' has, now that she was obviously successful at the audition and the filming has finished, decided that 'Bond Girl' is a demeaning term, pity she didn't stick to her principles before she took the job.

There was something else which particularly annoyed me this week about how scientists spend years and oodles of money to come up with the blindingly obvious, like cows fart, salt makes you thirsty, people love bacon sarnies and the world is indeed round, but I can't for the life remember it amongst all the other stuff which has enriched my week.


  1. George, I'd get the specimen in that glass checked if I were you! Seriously, hope you're soon feeling a bit more chipper.
    The fruit thing is bonkers... On a related note, I used to sit next to a lovely young lady in my office, also I am a keen fruit eater (southerner?) and often have a heap of fruit on my desk. One day whilst waiting for her computer to do something she was idly gazing at my fruit basket. Guess what kind of fruit was on display...? Without thinking I said "Are you eyeing up my lovely plums?" About half a second later my brain caught up and I began to splutter an apology. She turned bright red, but thankfully laughed... Phew!?

  2. Don't try it again without a lawyer present :) The only thing we Jocks like green is a Celtic jersey and that's only 50% of us :)

  3. River IS depressed. He lost his partner, gunned down, and is seeing her manifestation. He also sees other dead people who lead him in the right direction, normally. A 'who done it?' with a twist.

  4. He is indeed Peter, and it is a testament to his acting abilities that he passed that depression on to me, bravo! I don't feel tempted to go back however, now Jekyll and Hyde on the other hand ...............