Friday, 5 February 2016


Things are very quiet at the moment, I didn't go to the club this week I had other things to see to and to be honest with the miserable weather and living with kitchen fitters all day I just could not muster the enthusiasm, so I sank into the chair had some wine and caught up with The Blacklist.

I am painting furiously at the moment, I picked up the 24 cavalry from my son last weekend and twelve of them are within a few hours of being complete, although he will be doing the basing so that they blend with the rest of his army. He has to be in his office overseeing upgrading of the firm's PC's a week on Sunday, so we are taking the opportunity to have another game as most of his day will be spent sitting around. This time I am leading my Romano-British as he has had two bloody noses at the hands of Legio XII, this will be a better match up and should give him a better idea how his army will fare against other Dark Age forces rather than the might of Imperial Rome.

Vapnartak is taking place in York this Sunday, again I am half-hearted about going, I do not need anything but I am sure I would pick something up in the terrain line, or maybe a few gunslingers for Dead Man's Hand. I now remember that I need a new water tower for my town, I filled the one I had with a kind of plastic water, it has now seeped into the mdf and destroyed my tower, so I will need one of those at some point, and instead of being a clever clogs I'll leave it empty this time.

February will buck up, there is the game above in just over a week, DMH at the club next Tuesday, X-Wing on the 23rd then the big event, the War and Conquest tournament in Swindon where the 'Thunderbolts' will have to be on their mettle. As far as I know I will be up against other Romans, Celts and Germans.

Map projects are coming thick and fast, I have just completed a set on CIA operations in Guetamala.

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