Saturday, 20 February 2016

View From The Window

No, it is a Saturday, no View last week and there won't be one next week so I thought I would make the effort today before I leave as I won't be back until tomorrow night. It is miserable outside as usual, wet, damp, misty and all round stay in bed weather, unfortunately I am on duty on a Saturday morning so here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed. There is a man with a flamethrower outside the house today, this is remarkable for two things, first being the flamethrower and the second the man wielding it has been there since 0750 am on a Saturday!

Almost two weeks ago they started digging up the village to put in super-super fast broadband, their words not mine. The first lot dug a hole opposite the PO, put up barriers, closed Main Street down to one lane as if a village road made for coach and horses wasn't bad enough, then left for a week. I did not see anything else being done, no one in the bottom of it with wires or tools, then they came back and filled it in. This week they dug a trench right outside the PO, at first I thought they were here to lend support to my neighbours wall as every time I looked out of the shop they were leaning against it. They were faster this time and the disruption lasted only a few days and they were gone, but here is the lone stranger back annoying everyone still abed with his noisy flamethrower, and on a Saturday!

The other side of the street has had super fast broadband for over a year now as has other parts of the village here and there, our wait must have been worth it if we are getting super-super fast broadband, we'll see.

Depending on what you read our valiant Prime Minister has got his deal on Europe, but it's not what the small print says or what he indeed promised, also it seems that if we vote to stay in the 'deal' will not be ratified by the EU parliament and therefore one of the biggest cons ever perpetrated on the British people. With all the scaremongering going on it makes you wonder how we survived pre 1975 without it.

I take it you missed the bit about the Speaker of the House of Commons, the creepy Mr. Bercow abusing his expenses, £2,000 dinners for his cronies and the same kind of amount on bespoke beeswax candles among other things, what's wrong with John Lewis'. This is the person who was voted in to put a curb on MP's expenses, we can put the white flag up on that one.

Smug or what?
I think the worst thing I got up to when a lad was knock on someone's door or fling a snowball at it and run, this stopped when one guy chased me all the way back to my aunt's house with murder in his eyes. Nowadays we have idiots pointing lasers at aircraft as they take off or land, one pilot recently had to return after take off to get medical treatment, when I was offshore we made a radio announcement when using lasers for people not to look directly at the platform using it, dangerous stuff. Lasers are no longer the stuff of science fiction and you can buy them as easily as a pen, I have one myself for checking firing angles during a wargame, it is not a direct beam but a horizontal one. Why on earth would you come up with the idea that it would be a great wheeze to point it at an airplane, and you don't need something from Goldfinger, a small pointer the size of a pen is enough to beam out to the stratosphere. The same thing goes for morons who think it's fun to send their drones over airports, this too is becoming more frequent.

 My mindset is firmly rooted around the sixties and not the hippy free love (which wasn't), peace man sixties, but the real nitty gritty sixties of working class people so I find it increasingly mind boggling where we have ended up. Children as young as five can now express that they are not happy who they are and a whole range of experts and therapists are there to expedite their transformation into the opposite sex, at what age then do they start chopping and rearranging body parts to facilitate this. And hell mend you if you don't fall into line. The latest thing I picked up on is that children who do not do what they are told in school or who tell a teacher to 'eff off, are not to blame for their actions, it is a symptom of PAD (pathological demand avoidance). So something which to you and me may seem like some snotty, aggressive, moron, hell bent on learning nothing and making life a misery for a teacher is now a medical condition, bless their heart.

Hello Sailor.
 Still at least the Luvvies are doing their bit for the immigration crises, the Globe Theatre group have been performing Hamlet in refugee camps around the world, even in Calais where real knives became a show stopper. Could they have picked a more dour and depressing play than Hamlet to lighten the souls of these poor people, I am sure the Penguins of Madagascar would have gone down much better and at least raised a smile.

Is this a dagger I see before me ........ I'm outta here.

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