Thursday, 8 September 2016


Apart from map work things are fairly quiet after my weekend away, I also couldn't make the club on Tuesday night, at the end of the day it was just as well as trying to work out which roads are open around here at the moment is a stab in the dark. Even the one outside the club was closed last time I went.

So I amused myself with entertainment. I have watched two movies recently which were very different, Imperium starred 'Harry Potter', poor Daniel is forever tagged with that moniker, and although it was a slow movie it was nevertheless watchable. It involved the white supremacists in the USA and that crowd are right up there with the Allah Akbar nutters. Oh, was Harry Potter good, yeah he was fine, but then I only see him as an actor and not the wizard as I have never watched or read any of it.

The other movie was right up my street, Bastille Day, starring the excellent Idris Elba, it was pure nasty good guy beats just as nasty bad guys, obviously set in Paris on the day in question it was pure dead brilliant from start to finish. Brain on the side table, nibbles and drink at hand and off you go. There was a bit of a stink for a moment there when Idris was mooted as the next James Bond, he is black you see, personally Sean Connery is James Bond for me, so I have no objections to Mr. Elba taking up the baton. Mind you as Daniel Craig has just been offered £150 million to do another two films he might have to wait awhile.

A lot of my TV series have finished for the time being so I went back to Black Sails which I had ditched after a couple of episodes, what an idiot I am, it is brilliant. OK, I have issues with the unnecessary and frankly ludicrous relationship between Lord So and So and Captain Flint, but I can forgive it. Not really bothered about the strong women leads either, but the main pirate characters are spot on, my personal favourite being Jack Rackham, and I love the threat of indiscriminate violence which hangs in the air. They have also spent a bit of money on the series as the battle for Treasure Island(?) was terrific to watch. I also went back to Peaky Blinders, and again I had made a mistake as it too is first class entertainment although whoever came up with the haircuts needs shooting.

 I am heading for a famine again as the two series above are either finished or I have only two episodes to go with Peaky, Fleabag has also now finished which I found superb and actually laughed out loud on two occasions, I am smiling now at the thought of it. There are some new comedies turned up on the otherwise excruciating BBC3 which I will check out but I am not hopeful, although the ex in 'Our Ex-Wife' is very good. I do enjoy watching the boys from Kurupt FM in 'People Who Do Nothing', especially self obsessed MC Grindah and one of the greatest and underrated comedy characters ever, Chabuddy G, this guy should have his own show.

I have Ripper Street in my back pocket once Peaky is done, I have never watched it but after so many series it must be good, but then again My Family and Terry and June lasted forever.

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