Sunday, 11 September 2016

View From The WIndow

It is a lovely morning here, the sun is shining even if the birds have nothing to sing about, yesterday was nice as well, I even offered to help with an outside job which involved greenery, which to me is like green kryptonite to Superman, but I was spared as we had to hunt down a new tumble dryer. The road closure is starting to hurt and no one is happy, there has been a large increase in traffic from other surrounding villages, OK one, and an increase in frayed tempers and cursing outside the shop which for some reason always seems where the blockages are worst. It is at least entertaining. Even now at this early hour there is a jam outside.

Kieth Vaz has fallen, hoist by his own petard, who'd have thought? Well I did, I am just sorry it took so long, and if all the wailing dogsbodies who are heaping praise on him for his sterling work in the past thought about it they should have seen it coming as well. Vaz has been a crook and a slippery customer since he entered politics as one of the first Asian members of parliament, which of course is the only thing that saved his backside, until now. He should have been kicked out for his dodgy dealing not hiring rent boys, that's his business, his party should have booted him out, his constituents should have voted for someone else, that is how democracy is supposed to work, but it doesn't. We get councillors and MP's who sit year after disastrous year in the same jobs and they never get their comeuppance, but now and again, they go too far and I love it.


We can't escape Brexit can we, we still have almost half the country wishing us all down the tubes just to be able to say "told you so." I couldn't believe a woman in Stoke on Trent where the unbiased BBC were looking for disaster stories, she looked respectable, had all her teeth and wasn't supping alcohol from a brown bag, she was also a Remainiac and dismissed the people of her home town as 'thick' and was then surprised when the stunned reporter questioned here appraisal of her fellow Stokians, "everbody knows they are thick" she waded in even further. I suspect she is now Googling removal firms in the area or better still beyond the city limits of thickness.

On the subject of thick people, some bunch of yahoo's in white coats have 'discovered', no doubt with tax payers money, that people who are jolly and lively in the morning are, yes, thick. That's me had it then, I quite often get up early, get on with stuff, whistle and hum away to myself as I greet the new dawn, usually with "STOP SINGING" or "SHUT THE DOOR" ringing in my ears. I will tell you who are thick, the people paying for this useless and spurious research.

Gooooooood Mornnnnnniiiiiing!

I see the writers of the nations favourite street are in the sights of the PC brigade, one of the characters in Coronation Street opined in the hair salon that her hair had 'more roots than Kunte Kinte', cue the unbridled hatred of the twittersphere as it went into meltdown. If you don't know, Roots was a television serial way back following a black family who were originally slaves from Africa. I thought it was a great line, funny, clever and witty, the kind of thing you could hear almost anywhere. I also thought 1984 was just a rubbish book. And yes once again the righteous got their grovelling apology instead of being told where to go.

Good for Chevron, a company I had the honour and good fortune to work for for over fifteen years, and which if it had not moved its operations from the North Sea to Khazakstan I would still be working for. Why am I praising Chevron, because they have come out with an unpalatable truth for once and that is that the world will be reliant on fossil fuels for decades to come. I have nothing against cleaning up the environment, it should be done, but don't tell me I will be running my household energy needs as they expand with all my gadgets from a windmill in 2020.
Another bunch of self righteous activists have turned up, it was bad enough when those old dears broke through fences and attacked the cockpits of jets or whatever causing large amounts of damage which again I had to pay to fix while they got off with a slap on the wrist. Now we have the UK branch of 'Black Lives Matter' causing mayhem in the capital and misery for thousands of travellers, although how stopping someone jetting off to the Costa Brava saves black lives is a tad beyond me. Wouldn't they be better to actually target the inner city crime which might lead to a black life being taken rather than blocking a runway and whining that someone else should take notice and do it. If I jumped a fence and lay down on a runway my feet wouldn't touch, I'd be doing porridge before the sun sank, any bets on this lot getting the same as the disruptive grannies above?

Sorry, wrong protest ,oops.

Am I also the only one in the country who wants Benefits cut to the bare minimum? Yes we should look after the vulnerable in society or those who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. But I know dozens of feckless, work-shy people or whole families who are receiving state welfare and sitting in houses watching Jeremy Kyle on 42" plasma screen televisions while their kids play on XBox 4's or are calling Nan on their mobiles, all while bothering me at the counter with "I'll take it all." Of course you will dear, but that last twenty quid note is actually mine so a thanks would be nice. I am of course talking about the other protestors this week blocking London or was it Tower bridge moaning that they are not getting enough, I'll have to open longer perhaps or give up my afternoon off in the future.

So there you go, the sun is still bright and we have been invited out for dinner, so a quiet day ahead.
Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I may not agree with everything you say, George, but, by God, these 'Window' posts cheer me up no end! 😄

    1. As I told the missus Gary, it's the 'Musings' part and my swipe at modern life being an old codger.

  2. You should explore the restaurant owner in New York who is selling "Black Olives Matter" tee-shirts...

    1. All I can say is that in the land of the free he is a very brave man.