Monday, 12 September 2016

Mountain out of a Molehill

No one can have missed my conversion to Bolt Action over the past months and I jumped in just months before a new edition of the rules was announced, fair enough, although not a veteran by any means playing with the original confirmed to me at least that this was a WWII game I could enjoy. So with the opening of pre-orders I dove in.

At least a week ago the newsletter said pre-orders were shipping, I expected a landing on the carpet the next day, no, give them the benefit of the doubt, it will be here tomorrow, nope. Checked the site, Facebook and the forums, pre-orders had shipped! Well mine didn't.

Today several people in the UK are happily consuming the new rules as their Postie's delivered their dreams. Mine didn't. I have asked one of these few, these lucky few whether he paid for express delivery, if he didn't then Warlord you are for it and if I don't get it tomorrow I don't care how many emails and text's you are getting you will get another one.

The general release of the rules is on the 17th, which is Saturday, and if you don't get it then or have a store nearby then you are not seeing anything until mid-October because, guess what, they didn't order enough. The most awaited happening in the wargaming world for months, possibly the most popular WWII game on the planet and they cock it up.

Why do we wargamers generally accept such bad behaviour from our suppliers, is it because we have a special bond with them and can meet and talk to them at shows and on the whole they all seem like such good, decent blokes? Probably yes, because I know quite a few personally and they are all decent, good blokes, apart from one who shall remain nameless and bereft of George's cash as long as his bum points downwards. But that does not excuse some of the big boys especially, over the top prices, postage scams and bad quality control.

In the words of Bob the Builder, am I miffed, YES I AM!

Something good did happen today, I completed the Mongol Invasion maps, these have been a struggle, at first look they seem perfectly straightforward, but no they weren't, these will put the Anderson fortune back on track and prepare it for the hit during the winter with the new army for War and Conquest, still haven't decided.

I also completed a new WWI colour map for another project, pretty chuffed with this one. I am also putting together some 'looks' for the author of the Atlas of the American Revolutionary Wars, all easier then Genghis Khan's travels.

Oh, and any bets on October?


  1. Those maps look ace, got about a bit old Genghis.
    As for Warlord, well. I don't mind so much that it has not been sent, but what does seem like a slap in the face is that someone who ordered three days after me has, looks to me like a free for all totally lacking in organisation. But I am not surprised I know several people who have ordered for pick up at shows and the item(s) not be there.

    1. I had a word with the author of the Invasions this morning before he signed them off, I had some questions about how the Mongols managed to subdue China, I might have to get the book now. I have cleared the air with V2, I now await the morrow :)