Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Molehill gets bigger.

After all my anguish I received my new Bolt Action Second Edition yesterday, was I happy, no I wasn't, there's a surprise, the postage on the box screamed 48hrs Delivery, hardly what I, being in the trade so to speak, would call express. I got on to Simon who had texted several hours earlier to inform me he had his, he is a city dweller so gets his post at a normal hour while we rural chappies have to wait until the sun is beginning to set before sighting Royal Mail. The upshot was of course he also had the 48hrs sticker and Simon had not paid the extra tenner for express.
In high dudgeon I fired off yet another email to Warlord, within an hour or so I had received a refund of five pounds. That's not the bloody point Warlord, do what it says on the tin, I have a sneaking suspicion no parcels were sent express and if you didn't complain the extra cash was trousered with not a second thought.

Having popped on to Facebook for a look at the BA group I was horrified to see an Errata sheet for, yes the book which has incorporated all the errata from the previous edition, and not only that a couple of them were important. I looked on Warlords site, I perused their forums, I asked questions and I got nada. I then spent twenty minutes putting in the corrections from the picture on Facebook into my new rulebook.

I know I am doing a bit of moaning about this but I have had quite a bit of trouble with Warlord products and yes their customer service is second to none, but it has to be as the rest of the outfit is dire. They are patting themselves on the back about the release, the first wave, of the rulebook, that is pure spin, if they had ordered up enough books there wouldn't have been a need for a 'second wave', it was never mentioned before.

If there is ever a Third Edition and I am sure there will be a few years down the road, I shall wait until the dust settles before I pick up a copy. I am happy enough with the changes they have brought to the rules and I do enjoy the game but unless I am stuck I will not buy another Warlord product, I can hear their shares plummet.

Did I tell you we are doing a large BA game on Saturday here in the PO, organised by Rob and based on Market Garden, I am looking forward to it, it's Warlord I am not keen on remember, not the game.


  1. Interesting point about the express delivery charge. I've had a number of revealing encounters with Warlord and their business approach which has coloured my view of them some what.

  2. Express in the UK means it gets handed to you and you have to sign for it, whether Parcelforce or Royal Mail and I would put money on that not happening with the book deliveries.

  3. Glad you got them at last, still waiting here. Have a good game Sat and please report back, and if you use autocannons good luck with those bloody templates :)

    1. The templates look hard but were actually very easy to use. The auto cannon was awesome to look at and my single section of British paratroopers experienced its ferocity. As usually the rules led to two interpretations of its use . one makes it fairly useful, the other ordinary, the other makes it incredibly deadly. We used the latter

  4. The templates will be interesting, it took my old brain long enough to sort out the original HE. I took the Germans simply to get that quad firing, probably get knocked out in the first turn.

  5. Sarge ... they have an utocannon!!