Thursday, 19 January 2017

Anglevari, Auxilium Palatinum

That's my third battle formation ready for the new Romans, I am getting on a lot faster than I thought, which means I am a fast painter or don't have much to do of an evening, or I am using my time constructively during the winter period, I'm going for the latter. This leaves me only sixteen skirmishers on the tray which I suspect will be complete by the end of tonight and ready for varnishing and basing. I do have an order sitting at Footsore for my Foederati infantry and last night I put a second order in to get some officers and my Noble cavalry, I am hoping the former turn up before the weekend.

The reason for the two quick orders is that I have realised I don't need to wait until I have amassed the full 3000+ points I would like before fielding them, you know I have wargamers OCD and won't use substitutes unless I have to, so I realised that I should paint up 2,000 to use at the club, then extend to 2,500 for the gaming weekends, then the rest so I can choose different troop types and also have the army cover two lists, Late and Patrician Roman. So in order to get on I needed some cavalry, hence the second order, I also happen to think that those two lists should be one, but I need to do a lot more research, if only for my own benefit to understand the armies better.

I have a big game coming up on Saturday against my sons Carolingians, having pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat the last time we met I want to do better, I also want to go back to a 'vanilla' Romano-British army as I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve I want to try out.

Its suddenly dawned on me that I did not show you my second battle formation, I posted it on a couple of FB groups and obviously it then slipped my mind, so here better late than never are the Lanciarii Gallicani Honoriani. Legio Comitatensis.


  1. They look great George. Looking forward to playing them !!

  2. Super, can't beat a fine looking Roman army (except if I'm in command of course :~) )

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments, I am really enjoying painting this army. I must however stop at this one, even I know enough is enough, or is it?