Monday, 23 January 2017

Quick One

Just popping this on as I have a full battle report to do later and I have a full day ahead, finishing two map projects and starting a new one, I also want to get started on the latest figures. I put the final touches to the bases of my second archer unit, this gives me two skirmish units for the upcoming Roman field army, I don't intend to add any more as I will have horse archers at some stage. As I was awaiting a new parcel I also decided to make my shieldwall markers for the Roman infantry, as I had extra transfers I used these to differentiate the markers, quite chuffed with these.

On the tray is the lesser of the two Goth Foederate units, now most of my units are 27 figures strong which can be reduced to 24 if I need to save points, especially with the elite formations, however after the battle on Saturday I have decided to give the warband units the option of having 32 men in four ranks of eight. I now believe to get the advantage of a rule which is called 'weight of numbers' they really need to outnumber the opposition by quite a few figures, otherwise you cannot take advantage of this and with a big bunch of less than professional warriors you need it, especially if they are Franks (more anon).

I don't have too many more figures to buy for the army so I was looking at what I need to be able to convert it to a Late Roman rather than Patrician. I looked at Aventine, one of my favourite figure manufacturers and decided to add that Steppe Noble unit after all, I was going to simply rely on the Goths but I now have a great excuse to get some of those fabulous nomad figures.

Anyway, must crack on.

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