Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday 13th and nothing but surprises

Well knock me down with a feather. Just before I closed for lunch my main PC arrived back from repair, I had just been thinking of giving Scan a ring to find out what was happening and boom, there it was, and just in time for me to grab a quick sarnie and set it up, I retreated upstairs with a spring in my step and whistling to myself.

So far everything seems to be working fine and I still had thirty minutes to spare, I gave my latest figures a quick flesh wash and still had fifteen to burn. I popped TMP on and as usual checked the Dark Age section to see if there was anything which was not Saga that might pique my interest, an advert for the latest Miniature Wargames had a Dark Age cover and as I read the contents I nearly fell off the chair. There was an article on scenarios for Dux Britanniarum by one George Anderson!


I cannot even remember what they are about, despite having written for the magazine on and off over a period of 25 years I stopped when Andrew Hubbock left, at the same time I found my niche drawing military maps so my writing came to a stop, well almost, I started this blog to scratch that particular itch.

Around the same time I also sent in a piece about the Dalton gangs infamous bank raid on the town of Coffeyville, Kansas, perhaps the dust will be blown off that as well.


  1. Congratulations on the resurrection of your long gone article! Coincidentally the figures on the cover were sculpted by my son Matt for Foundry.

  2. It was written about two years ago so I am not sure it will be of much use now. The figures are nice, I admire people with that kind of talent.

  3. I would imagine it will be more useful than the Blue Peter articles ;~)