Sunday, 1 January 2017

Finished, maybe.

I grabbed some time in between family time, movie time and playing games, no not wargames, time to complete the two Christmas kits. I decided not to be too fancy this time with the camo so left the 250/1 in factory dunkelgelb and the only area on the StuG to get some attention were the schurzen, this is in keeping with a scheme I saw online.

I gave both vehicles a wash with Army Painter soft tone then a dry brush with Vallejo Dark Sand, I then took a sponge dipped in black and ran it along most of the sharp edges. Then several bits got a brush or dab of MIG Rust Tracks, I was now happy with things but decided to pop some mud on them as well, a wee bit more on the StuG than the halftrack, it's dry mud so is fine for summer.

I have put plenty of stowage on the vehicles because I have plenty from the two boxes of Rubicon stuff, besides look at most photos and they all carry as much as they can, I am still on the look out for a couple of bicycles.

So there you have it the last of my Bolt Action armour for the time being, like gathering a Roman army I know I will have to get a Tiger tank at some point, you can't have a German force and not one of those in the wings, I also fancy a Stuart light tank and a German Luchs for my recce forces, also some more trucks, but all of that will have to wait. I don't actually need any of it but I am a wargamer and logic doesn't come into it.


  1. A fine finish on those George.
    You know we are never finished, specially WWII, there is always something one needs ;~) that's why I have another three Stugs I didn't need :~)

  2. A great looking vehicle, nice job!

    1. Thanks, WWII on sidelines now for a bit painting wise.