Saturday, 10 June 2017

Back to Normal

 Well my quiet spell on the map front has ended, I now have four projects backed up and two awaiting the authors' OK, mostly WWI but one, which I have only looked at briefly, involves skirmishes with Apaches, so that will be interesting.

I also have my Auxiliaries primed and ready to go, but I don't want to rush them or I will be left twiddling my thumbs again, having said that I have almost convinced myself to get a Pyrrhic army. As usual I have been looking online for information and that holy grail, the book which tells you everything you want to know about Pyrrhic armies but were afraid to ask, needless to say the book does not exist, like the one on the Romano-British or Late Romans. So, what have I found out by dipping my toe in the waters, well it would seem that most phalangites were unarmoured, or, guess what, there is no proof either way, this does not go down well with the wargaming community. I will have to look into this more closely over the coming months, I suspect the front ranks will have some protection while the rear ranker's will not. Pyrrhus was by all accounts a fairly decent general with bad dice luck, he was eventually felled by a woman who threw a slate at his head.

I have also noticed that Little Big Man Studios have brought out some new Dark Age banners ostensibly for Gripping Beast's Aetius to Arthur Saga supplement but available to all, There is one which would be perfect for my own Romano-British warlord so he will be getting an upgrade soon.

Phalanx next week and my shopping list has grown slightly, there is also a local show in Cumbria the week after which I would like to support but apart from that have no real reason to go, perhaps if it is a nice day I might take a drive.


  1. I didn't know about the new LBM flags? Better go take a look??

  2. Could you be tempted by plastic for the phalangites George? Either way your army will be painted quicker than mine!

    1. As nice as they are I will more than likely be going with Aventine. Although I plan to buy plastic archers at Phalanx for my Romano-British.