Sunday, 4 June 2017

View FromThe Window

Very late this morning and in keeping with my mood it is raining and grey. Like the rest of the country we are discussing, reading and listening to the reports on another Islamist terror attack and the death of innocent people. Perhaps the Dean of Westminster, in his perceived ignorance of why the Westminster Bridge attacker did what he did, will catch on a bit quicker this time as the killers shouted "This is for Allah", although the BBC seem to not have picked up on this yet. I will be on BBC watch this morning to see if they do indeed mention the religious aspect of this latest attack.

Once again though we know what is coming, praise for the security and emergency services, the fact these three will be, as Mark Steyn puts it, "Known Wolf's", a very few Moslem voices condemning the atrocity and then some nice PR opportunities of how we all benefit from having Moslem's as part of the community, especially women in headscarves. See, you have nothing to fear, they are just like us, one of them even won Bake Off.

It is time we stopped pussyfooting around the feelings of this one group in our country determined to make our lives a misery and called a spade a spade. There is absolutely nothing British about these attackers no matter where it transpires they were born.

Mind you, how sick are human beings when we have 10,000 pretending to be at the Manchester concert that was bombed hoping to get a free ticket to the follow up concert and Uber immediately increasing its fares in the areas of last nights attack, technology and greed hand in hand. The former should be named and shamed and the latter lose their business, but it won't happen.


  1. You're going to be on BBC Watch for quite some time - they never acknowledge the religious element of these incidents. It's always nothing to do with "Mainstream Islam" - whatever that means in BBC-speak. I thought Mainstream Islam disappeared about 5 centuries ago which is why the bearded twats are only really happy when they're butchering each other?

    1. Dire weather but I got a smile at that history lesson.

  2. Time to purge the limp wristed liberals at the BBC I think.