Sunday, 11 June 2017

View From The Window

Well, summer has been and gone, it is grey, promising rain and it is cold, instead of the gloriously long summers of yesteryear we git bits now, bits here and bits there in May then it is pot luck. We have visitors this weekend and were hoping to sit out in the sun with some wine and salads this afternoon but that is not going to happen.

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on winning the election and confounding his detractors ..... what, his party have just lost their third election, surely not, I have been following his triumph on the Beeb and the meedja. It would seem the only loser, apart from UKIP, in this election was the party which actually won. How could people be so daft as not to vote the same way as me, tsk. I won't burble on and only dwell on a couple of things, Laura Kuenssberg has to go, not only is she biased in her reporting but insulting as well, and no matter what your politics how can bumbling incompetent Diane Abbot, who made a startling recovery from her 'serious illness', increase her vote, democracy, meh.

Ha, ha, no, we lost, ha, ha.

All right, one more thing stood out for me during the big election, where have all the men gone, time and time again I was looking and listening to a woman, whether a reporter or indeed a party leader, Tim Farron doesn't count, what with all the gender politics we are doomed as a species.

Labour wins .......what......Labour nearly wins.

And speaking of Gender Fascism I see that Canada leads the way, Ontario have now passed a law whereby if parents do not accept their child's choice of gender then that child can be taken into care. Would you be surprised if I told you the politician behind this is a lifelong liberal and has a partner of the same sex, no, I didn't think so.

What ever happened to Treason, remember when it was all the rage in Tudor England, heads falling like rain on Tower Hill, or those shot against the walls and buried in unmarked graves during WWII. Now we allow so called British citizens to swear allegiance to a foreign ideology, fight for it, but yet come back and shop at Aldi without even a finger wagging. The US President, no the lesser idiot before him, gave a traitor who had caused untold damage to the US by leaking secrets to the world a pardon instead of shooting him/her. I say that because the guy changed to a gal while in prison, good move in today's climate. Because these people throw their allegiance to the wind in favour of their own deluded consciences they get off with a crime which jeopardises the stability and freedoms of their own countrymen, and women Reg.

Here's a beauty on how dumb people are, women are urged to grind down wasps nests and put the resulting pulp in their private parts to rejuvenate themselves, what ever happened to some lippy, blusher and a soupcon of Chanel No5. Who, going about their business, suddenly had the Eureka moment and thought, Wasps Nests, that's the answer. Unless it is soap and water nothing is getting near my privates. We'll be drinking coffee beans from an animals backside next, wait ..........

When the town of Hameln in Germany had a problem with getting rats out of town they called in a piper who played them out of the area, the modern equivalent is tying your wife to the back of your car and dragging her out, granted not the usual Teutonic way of settling an argument but of course things are changing and quaint new customs are being tolerated.

No.1 son is here for the weekend and being an amiable host I sat down to watch the Scotland v England game with him, suffering the barbs of 'English George' until I leapt from my seat with the first Scottish goal, punching the air and suddenly remembering Bannockburn for some reason. This elation continued a couple of minutes later with a second Scottish goal, I was actually floating above the floorboards. I, and thousands of other Scots were then brought back to earth as the luckiest team in football scored an equaliser against the unluckiest team in football. Bannockburn was replaced by Culloden in my minds eye. In all fairness the game was deadly boring until the last ten minutes, despite myself it is the only sporting fixture I will watch and it is about time the annual clash was brought back, it would be good for my heart rate.


  1. I'll refrain from commenting too much on the election (apart from a smug grin even though we lost)...certainly Scottish Labour have some serious questions to answer after encouraging people to vote Tory in some places to sabotage the SNP. Interestingly among my lefty/nationalist friends (of whom there are many) they also see Laura Kuenssberg as being biased but this time towards the right so maybe she's doing something right if everybody hates her :)

    I also watched the football last least we had a few minutes of happiness instead of the usual 90 minutes of misery...sigh...

    1. I have read the same thing about Laura, perhaps my ears need looking at. For those few minutes last night everything was right with the world, then, poof, gone. Wait, that's the police at the door.

      So close, so close ....... sigh

  2. Very vitriolic there George, but I'll excuse that as we humbled the Jocks yet again...

    1. I see the violence in George Square and Magaluf will stop any thought of an anuual clash in its tracks, once again the many suffer for the few.

      Wait until I get started on the 'yoof' next week :)

  3. I think we should raise the voting age to 40...and induct the yoof into the Roman...I mean British Army. They're allowed to vote after conquering Gaul...I mean national service.

    Not so sure about Ms K'berg - as I think she's not a natural Labour supporter. I suspect instructing their people to show bias/vitriol equally, depending on the day of the week is what the Beeb now calls 'journalism'.

    1. Why people cannot simply agree with me and vote likewise is an enduring mystery. And what's the big deal, once again this afternoon between 3.30 and 5.30 in the pub we will have the whole thing sorted!