Sunday, 25 June 2017

View From The Window

 The heatwave is having a hard time here in the Northwest, it is cool, dank and wet, the sky is exclusively stone grey, of course you might fry an egg on the bonnet of your car by noon, but then again probably not. The yellow car with the broken window which has been present across the road for about two months now has gone, the threat of getting towed by the council worked more than the murmurings of disgruntled neighbours. Washington House got a viewing yesterday, but by the impression on the viewers faces as they passed the PO the removals are not getting a call.

Things just get worse and worse, poor Theresa May must be wondering what can I be blamed for next. Did you notice what was different about the terror attack at the Finsbury Mosque, well, we are not being asked to come together, not blame all white people or christians, carry on as usual etc., nope, not this time, heads must roll. Did you realise Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and Douglas Murray were all responsible for this latest attack, perhaps they jumped out of the van before it turned the corner. One nut runs a van into a crowd, I wonder where he got that idea, another innocent is dead, something must really be done about extremists, and right wing extremism Reg, the former in the past 23 months have killed 1,263 people, the latter one.

 What did you make of the Day of Rage, the payment must not have reached 'Rent-a-Crowd' Central because not enough turned up to fill a double-decker, despite one left wing journo counting one million and bringing central London to a halt, or was it Speakers Corner. They felt so convinced of their cause and the urge to punish the government, Trump, May, capitalists and that little guy in Yarmouth that instead they lay in the park or threw another shark on the barbie. I rage every day, I don't need a special one.

The defence rests M'Lud.............

 You might have missed in all the recent disasters that the powerful Unite union recently had their own election, and a gentleman and very senior figure called Gerard Coyne bravely put himself up against Len McCluskey. Coyne is now looking for a new job after a 'show trial' which has sacked him after thirty years for the crime of coming very close to toppling Mr. McCluskey. Democracy, you just gotta love it.
Did you see the face on Donald Tusk as he introduced the talks for Brexit, milk and sour comes to mind, he also had whined that the UK would be welcome back after it's mistake, the mistake Donald was talking about of course was the free vote on the matter by the British people. If you think we are heading for tough talks the EU have twice as much bother, the top brass want to punish us or get us back while the 27 all want their own agendas pushed for their own selfish reasons, all of them want to make a bit of capital out of City Hall during the process. Did you hear that Luxembourg pipsqueak vent his uncalled for opinion of the UK along with his Polish counterpart, all of a sudden we have to listen to places which have still to experience the '60's.

Aaaaaaaannnnd smile ..................

 The UK owes as I type, in fact I cannot keep up with the counter but I will try, £1,876,653,426,987 trillion pounds, the US figure is $18.9 trillion, in Germany it is 2.1 trillion Euros, you can imagine then the debt of basket cases like Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Latvia etc. What I cannot understand as I was never good at maths (see how I put the s in there) is who loans these amounts of dosh, if our own countries don't have enough money where do they go for the loan? Maybe there is a god.

Serial killer Levi Bellfield is in jail but may have killed another woman and her daughter while almost killing her second girl, Micheal Stone, an unsavoury character is doing time for the murders. Bellfield could be placed at the crime with DNA, but he refuses to give a sample because although he is a serial killer and has destroyed lives he is still entitled to rights, is it just me or is that mad and in prison he should have no rights.

When I read comics my hero's were Batman and Spiderman, I still do and they still are, Superman being invincible was no fun for me, and I never, ever got Wonder Woman, sexist, maybe, it wasn't a word in the old days. Even the movie doesn't interest me and I will watch all sorts of comic based trash. I have one big question, how does this tribe of Amazon women procreate without men and seemingly last for hundreds, nay, possibly thousands of years, and are all beautiful, size 10 supermodels? Once again we are being indoctrinated into how useless we are, although that scenario is becoming frighteningly real.
I don't get the attraction ......

Have you noticed that Royal Ascot is now becoming more famous for its fights and drunks than horse racing, now there's class for you.

I told you, Dragonfly 3 to 1.


  1. Your observations on Finsbury are pertinent. I have been condemned on another forum for suggesting the work of a nut job with drink and mental heath problems ought not to be taken as proof of a growing threat of Nazi violence on our streets. Other members were falling over themselves to label the guy as "racist" and "right-wing". The BBC did its usual bit for free expression wheeling out various Muslim spokesmen, one of whom stated reasonably that Muslims were now terrified to walk the streets while another proclaimed that the attack was the direct result of the government's tolerance of anti-Islamic sentiments at dinner parties, in schools and elsewhere. I no longer have dinner parties but if I did I would have to ask guests to refrain from anything that might offend our Muslim fellow citizens.

  2. I am not so sure about your view today George, you seem to be scrambling a bit.

    In the US most terrorists attacks are right wing nutters rather then islamists.

    Now do not get me wrong these islamic terrorists are nothing more than cockroaches and should be treated as such. I am not so sure why it is so hard to identify them for what they are.

    I think it pretty clear who lends western governments all that money you have so easily qualified...........they lend it to themselves. Anyone who thinks that politicians and the uber rich are not playing on the same team needs their head examined.

    The most interesting news story I read this week was about the possibility of British tourists being banned from all-inclusive resorts because of the astronomical rise of false food poisoning claims. Now that says a lot!

    1. I think I am reeling a bit from what's been going in the country John and I don't want to become too political, lol, as that is not the point of my Sunday View, it is simply my view nothing more.

      I knew but forgot the ban on Brits abroad, that's what you get when you offer the great unwashed all they can eat and drink I'm afraid, and yes we are the worst.

      As Abe said, you can't keep all of the people happy all of the time, or even some happy some of the time :)

  3. Thanks for the comments gents, I don't want to go in to detail on terrorists or the complex case of Grenfell Tower as both of those would take a blog on their own, the former is a fact of life and I think the truth on the latter has yet to come to light. Hopefully there will be more light hearted madness to blog about next week. Ta.

  4. Are you morphing into a Daily Mail reader? ;~)

    1. I don't read any newspapers, I used to get the Sunday Times until it dumbed down many moons ago, but a quick look at the headlines does give me ammo.