Thursday, 10 May 2018

Did You Remember the AP?

Put the final touch to a few priority maps this morning with plenty of time to set up a game of Bolt Action, not enough time however to give a lot of thought to the game so a simple BA scenario with three objectives to fight over. Four infantry squads with three transports for both sides and I decided to have some armour involved, so the British got an M10 and a Cromwell, the Germans a PzIV and a Marder III, as these shoot outs can be deadly I decided that if one side lost both vehicles then another would turn up from a reserve. I needn't have worried as things turned out.

The infantry rush forward.
 I decided to go all out on my left flank while holding off on the right, I had a hope that the left could eventually turn and contest the centre position. things started off well and I got into a good position on the left hand objective and got within striking distance of the right. I had one M3 with a squad which for a wee while I had thought could make a run for the centre. The German armour came on very quickly and took up station opposite my right, I countered with the M10 and Cromwell, my wish with the tanks was to knock out the enemy and move against any troops in the centre.

The strong British left.

Shells screamed across the battlefield but apart from knocking out one halftrack all I managed was to set two fires, which were snuffed out very quickly, and damage some paintwork, the Germans only managed hits on the paintwork, even my PIAT which was almost under the PzIV's tracks managed to bounce off.

This move didn't work out, but the Hanomag escaped.
 Kevin pushed his men forward very quickly but I countered and scored many more kills than he did, his men also failed several morale test which meant they went to ground instead of following orders. I pulled back from going for the centre as it looked like the tanks would be unable to provide support but I did not do it fast enough and lost an M3. The Germans had built up a nice little Festung around the centre objective so there was no way I could get it. In move 5 I suffered a bit but the German squads suffered far worse, it was a British win with two objectives held.

The centre.
 A good little game and it is always nice to get the troops on the table, it was just a shame that we had left our armour piercing ammo behind but lucky this also afflicted the Germans as well.

The end is nigh.


  1. Grand little write up and pics, I do like your table set up, picturesque and practical.

  2. Thanks Phil. I would like to do more fields and perhaps some wire fencing, I am staying away from a town although I might get a church at some point.

  3. George always handles his AFVs better than I do. My approach varies from incompetent to suicidal and my vehicles usually end up as smoking wrecks at an early stage. I haven't quite worked out the tactics of BA. One aspect of the rules that took me off guard is pinning an opposing unit. After inflicting casualties on a couple of George's squads and seeing them with 1 and 2 pins I sort of assumed that they would be in some sense "suppressed" only to see them breeze through morale tests and storm forward to take out two of my infantry units. I enjoy BA and would like to get better at it but the rule book is intimidating, particularly as it appears to have no index.

  4. Lovely! 😎
    Go on... Start a village 😉😂

    1. No, I have other irons in the fire now, of which more in due course.