Thursday, 3 May 2018

Nervous Energy

I have nothing to paint and am reduced to trawling Netflix for entertainment not just background noise, I am fumbling about at the bottom of the barrel. In my game against Matt last month I put my Roman cohorts into testudo formation and had no markers to show this, so I delved into my lead molehill and found some scutum's, so took an hour or so to make some up, two short, sods law. I also decided to go back and weather up the shields on my Thorakitai. I don't normally give my spears etc. a wash but I put that little dark patch between the wood and the point which always looks good, I noticed I had not done that with quite a few units in the new army so sat last night and put it on them all.

Despite my resolution not to start a new period this year I am getting a hankering for the Jacobite Rebellions but cannot find a rule set which is popular for this period, my initial thought is for enough units to fight a decent battle, not twenty men a side but not huge 30-40 men regiments either, anyway it is only an idea. I still have Muskets and Tomahawks to fall back on.

There is a Kickstarter trying to get off the ground on the above period, some beautiful figures but not exactly huge savings if you join in, albeit you do get the odd specialist figure. I have signed up to two Kickstarters, one for a graphic novel on Hannibal and the other the paint palette I mentioned a few posts back. The novel is now five months behind although the author has admitted he went in blind and didn't realise how much effort was involved and the artist had medical problems which prevented him drawing, I am quite satisfied to wait if I get a first class product and sneak peeks show it will be. The palette I am a tad miffed at, seemingly the small palette which most figure painters want is all ready to go but they are not sending them out as they have problems with the XL palette paper, I don't want XL so why not send me my palette?

I have the X-Wing game and it is a very clever space dogfighting game, I stopped buying ships some time ago and have a small force for both the Empire and Rebels which can give excellent games. Fantasy Flight Games have now brought out Second Edition which makes all your previous stuff redundant and binable. The cynic in me says it is a marketing ploy, I could be wrong, I could also pick up a ton of stuff cheap on eBay.

I have a Dark Ages game set up for this afternoon, no fancy tactics, beasts, chariots, long pointy stuff, just mano a mano as the Spanish say.


  1. Nothing to paint! That’s very careless of you ;~)

    1. That's in the lap of the gods for now Phil and of course Aventine. I do fancy Mede massed archers however for the Seleucids and maybe another Legion for the Patricians or Cohort for the Twelfth mmmmmmmmmmm.......