Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lord Vader is displeased

We started our Star Wars X-Wing campaign last night at the club, and it was a very good beginning. The scenario involved two construction ships which had engine problems and required escorting to a safer sector. We had three Rebel factions, two Scum and Villainy and one Imperial, quite a few of the new ships were on show, as was Simon's beautiful custom made mat.

The first moves.

 Simon's mat, it is vinyl or some such with a hardy backing, a nice piece of kit.

Scum and Villainy destroying a Rebel force, I believe Stuart was left with only one escort at the end of this game. That is one hard faction.

I took a complete green force hoping to get some kills and bump them up the skill ladder, I don't think any of us were brave enough to bring anyone of note to the table in the fear of losing them, we only have three pilots above pilot skill of 2 to begin with. I put my Tie Advanced's on one flank and a Tie Swarm on the other, I know the Tie Advanced is looked down on in tournament play, but this is a game, it is there and it has shields, so I took them. I was up against four Rookie X-Wings which had a fair few modifications/upgrades on them, three on one flank and one on the other. I decided to hit the three, and this was my biggest mistake as I had to fly the Swarm in front of my transports, I stupidly put the brakes on these for two moves, I should have ploughed ahead.

I did fairly well in the dogfight but couldn't kill anyone, one annoying R2 unit kept an X-Wing alive for a very long time as every time I had it down to requiring one kill, the tin can put another shield back. I duly lost the shuttles from some excellent shooting (dice!) It was now my enraged escorts started to earn their keep and I quickly put down three of the enemy and pursued the remaining, badly damaged X-Wing. However in this scenario the attacker gets instant one for one reinforcements, so before I knew where I was I was in a heap of trouble far from my friendly table edge. I belatedly headed for home. I got one more X-Wing but lost an Advanced and a Tie, to make it worse the Tie had two kills to his credit, my first budding ace. I had the consolation of bringing back a captured Rebel Pilot to Lord Vader, but I could see he was not pleased, I don't know how a black mask shows displeasure, but it did, I think I have a sore throat coming on. I have to be more cunning with these scenarios.

 My Swarm blocks the Shuttles, I should have moved the back one at least, I shall approach the next mission with more care.

Simon pointed out this resource from FFG to make your games look professional and share your home made scenarios, this is a marvellous programme and should not be missed, find it  here,
you may have to register for an account, but it will be worth it.
Live long and prosper, what? ....................oh, ..... May the force be with you.

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