Sunday, 12 April 2015

View from the Window

Huge change from the last few glorious days, the rain is pelting down and the road awash with water, we have a large Crag here in Warton which was quarried at one time, and there is a lot of high ground around it. We have some at the back and it causes the rain to flood down our little by road like a river when we get heavy rain as it simply does not soak away, it can be quite spectacular at times. My neighbours car lies across the road with its front torn off, a van with some kind of trailer on the back went through the village yesterday afternoon, the trailer caught the wheel arch of her car and ripped the front off. Whoever did it knew, but sped away, a following car got the registration and handed it to me, I being the Sub-Postmaster and ex-Royal Navy am an upstanding member of the community, I duly passed it on when she got home, needless to say she was not in a good humour, after last Sunday I seriously doubt whether the boys in blue will bother tracking the van.

In my village everyone has to park on one side of the road or nothing would move in or out, only lucky people have a drive (I'm one), so car owners are continually at risk of being hit or scratched and lose wing mirrors regularly. I am not immune though, a bus hit my garden wall a few months ago and it had to be rebuilt. The bus timetables are also such that they meet outside the Post Office every morning at around 0800 and then have to crush cars and knock down walls to get on their merry way.

You know I am not going to vote and I wasn't going to mention the election but the ridiculous almost daily carrots on a stick the electorate are being offered I find insulting, two days extra maternity leave, £4.30 more in your pocket if you earn such and such, are the British public dumb enough to hand the reins of power over for the price of a pint of good beer? Don't answer that, I have seen the News.

On a lighter note, don't you think they should bring back cloaks? I watched "The Last Knights" last week and they had cool, black cloaks held up with cool silver brooches, and you knew you were in for trouble when they were taken off with an elegant flurry. The Romans of course had great cloaks, especially officers, a nice deep red tucked in to the top of a designer cuirass, putting out the message "we are here to stay." And then there is the superhero cloak, Batman's especially, you cannot fight crime or save the world with any dignity sans cloak, OK Spidey gets away with it, but no one else really. You are definitely minor league without one.

So I will end with the weather again, I really do hope that wasn't summer we just had, the sun just makes everything so much better, I am going to go out on a limb here and say I saw at least four of my twenty-three customers wearing a smile last week.

At the moment I like this..... hit it!


  1. Very good only problem is in real life you could give Peter Kay a run for his money even with the cloak

  2. Don't forget, I had a coat like that back in the day, before it became cool.