Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Scots wi Hae!

A bit of a red letter day today. I have just ordered up the last figures for my Dark Age armies, I also managed to salvage a bunch from my Dux Britanniarum reserves, so I managed to save myself some time and money, the Dux guys are already painted and only need some shield changes and hey presto! OK I still want to add some plastic skirmishers, javelins and slings but no big deal, I have them already. So I am still on target for a new army by the summer.

I have also sent away the last map for the Barbarossa Derailed Atlas to the author for his perusal, I will still have some tidying up to do and no doubt some corrections or additions he may require, but the hard work is done. Although no sooner had I sent the drafts than I got another commission of around 8-10 maps/diagrams for a book on tanks circa WWI.

With a little time to myself I also plan to complete the last battle for my Dark Age scenario booklet today and get to work on the layout.

And that isn't all, as well as the troops I also ordered up a case of twelve (hopefully) excellent wines for myself, it's all me, me, me at the moment.

Now, the Scottish thing, I have just sat back and watched the second part of the BBC series "After Bannockburn", as you may be aware I am usually fairly harsh in my criticism of historical movies or documentaries being almost impossible to please, and a pain in the backside to listen to. But this one was different, alright I could carp that watching you might think Scotland was nothing but hills and it might make you wonder why the Scots king lived in a big wooden shed rather than a castle, albeit one with a big wooden fence around it. But apart from that we got grubby, authentic looking Scots soldiers rather than grubby, tartan clad buffoons, and best of all a heap of experts whose comments and theories really made you think why the Scots were in Ireland, and why they failed. One of the main reasons was something completely new to me about the period and something I would never have guessed at. I do recommend you get a look at this before it is archived.

Did I also mention it is Pub Wednesday, life just doesn't get any better than this.

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