Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ow't about Now't

Not much to report at the moment after having let myself go over Easter, I simply took the opportunity to do nothing except treat myself, wine, food, sweeties and sitting down. Therefore the poor Saxons on the Tray have got nowhere, they are primed and I have even started putting the flesh on, but for now they sit at the back of the study on the floor. Do you have a routine? I do, flesh, armour, clothing, leatherwork, weapons then metal stuff, I have always painted that way and just fall into it naturally, can I just add that I also hate painting leatherwork and horses, I love shields and flags.

I took delivery of a smallish clamp the other day, I watched a guy on YouTube insert one into his drill, then attach a small jar of paint to it, and hey presto, a home made paint shaker, I immediately thought this would be a great way to give my varnish a decent mix. Unfortunately I ordered a clamp which would need one of those drills which cut concrete, it was too big, I looked again at the video and noticed I should have ordered the 'micro' clamp, pity the eejit didn't think to mention that on his production. Back to the drawing board on that one.

I still await my roads, it must be getting near the time I should be looking out for ParcelFarce. I did get the Muskets and Tomahawks rules this week and have put them aside until later.

'The Struggle of Standards' has been proof read by some friends, suggestions taken onboard and I have also tarted it up aesthetically, I lost some small maps required for where the battles are in the UK, OK, I deleted them, so I have those to redo today, put some more pictures in and we are off, definitely on Wargame Vault next week at some point. A week or so over my estimate of Easter, which is not bad really.

So that is it, off to the PO for the morning, hoping I get just enough customers in order that I can finish drawing my latest project.

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