Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Struggle of Standards

I have taken the opportunity between map projects and the bank holidays to work on my promised Dark Ages scenario booklet, the promise being to myself as I do not like to say I will do something then not do it. I am happy to say it is 95% done, I have a few maps to add and a bit of tarting up with photographs then it is off to Wargame Vault, I suspect by next weekend at the latest.

I have agonised over the title, I was going with Oathsworn but although good, it is not an actual word as far as I know, so I looked through some old Herioc Poems and picked the above line, although I might change that to "A Struggle of Standards" I am unsure of which is best.

I did not manage ten battles in the end, but eight, which give nine scenarios, so it is not a bad compromise. There are many other battles of course but all we really have is the name and if lucky, who fought there, I deliberately stayed away from Hastings, who needs told how to fight Hastings, I was tempted with Stamford Bridge, but in the end I settled on Gate Fulford to close the book.

The graphic above is not great quality as I could not get a copy of a whole page from my typesetting software with the background included, so this is a scan of a .pdf.


  1. George, looking good! I know I was going to send you some pics of our toys, but the kids are hols with grand parents and have taken the digital camera? My phone cam is not great for toys so can you wait a week or so?

    1. Yes, I don't think a week will make much difference, I still have some work to do on the layout anyway, best not to rush these things, thanks Matt.