Monday, 14 December 2015

Oh Contarii, oh, oh, oh, oh!

That is the final line unit of the Twelfth done, a supporting formation of Contarii heavy shock cavalry. Officially I now only have the artillery supports to do, two of which, very large ballistae are on the tray as I write, primed and ready to go. After this a few manuballistae and some additional extra skirmisher figures and bingo, six months of painting and we are ready for battle.

When I was researching this unit I forgot the clincher, Dean Martin sings about them, what more definitive proof could you need. I have said it before and I will bore you with it again, these figures are splendid and guess what, they actually do fit the horses!


  1. Dean who...? ;-)
    I do like Roman cavalry, just can't seem to paint my own!
    Bloomin' lovely work George!
    BTW are the kontos metal pins? (Yikes!)

  2. You Philistine sir! Only the greatest crooner who ever sang a note, far superior to that other guy who did it his way.

    And yes the spears are real metal, those spears from North Star, and yes they hurt.

    Glad you like them, if I pick them and the cataphracts I will have to hold the line with two men and a dog.

  3. Dean, was good, Frank was excellent, but Matt Monroe was the smoothest of them all.