Sunday, 6 December 2015

Normal Service etc.

Some of you may have seen the devastation caused to the North West by storm Desmond on the box, we have been flooded in many areas, roads are in chaos and we have been without electricity, internet and mobile signals since 22.30 last night. Some areas are not expected to get back to some kind of normality until Tuesday evening, we have just returned to the house and lo and behold within ten minutes the power came back on, whether it will stay on is anyone's guess.

Needless to say I have lots to sort out in the next few hours and I apologise to regular readers of The View (I have had a couple of emails on the subject) and might manage a late edition if the power lasts, but I expect the gods may be against me.


  1. Hope you stay dry, warm and powered up!

  2. Seems to be holding up so far, Lancaster is a mess and the roads will take a day or so to clear. There is always rain here but nothing like the last few days, thankfully I live on a hill but when you can't move and there is no power it becomes more of a prison than safe haven, but at least the house is dry, not like many poor folks, even here in the village.