Friday, 18 March 2016

1 Section, All Present and Correct, Sah!

I couldn't wait and as I am away this weekend I thought I would get these guys complete this morning before heading into the PO to while away the beautiful Spring day.

I have been really pleased with my British paint set from Vallejo and the Crusader figures for being so easy to paint, I am also happy to be painting uniforms as opposed to the multi-coloured medieval and Dark Age figures I am used too, that too is fairly easy, like paint by numbers.

 So there you have them, 9th Cameronians from the 15th (Scottish) Division, the Cameronians (26th Foot) were our local regiment back when we had an army, in 1968 they decided to disband rather than amalgamate with another regiment, one of only two which so decided. I had hoped to put the 15th Division badge on their arms but having looked at photographs it would simply look like a blob at 28mm.

15th Scottish Division

I sourced some for the vehicles but they were the wrong scale, I might try and paint it on. I also had to look up the vehicle markings for the Bren carrier. What a dogs dinner of a system for identifying which unit a truck or vehicle is from, only the British would deem it made sense.

From what I remember the tank markings are just as complicated, I was hoping my armour might be Scots Guards.


  1. Looking good George! Really like what you've done to the base to differentiate your NCO, brilliant - I just use yellow flowers on the NCO bases!?

  2. I got the idea from my mate Matt at Wargames Table, full of good ideas there for WWII.

  3. Good work there George!! And thank you for the compliment. :-)
    Looking forward to seeing more Cameronians. I do like the fact that you've picked a particular regiment as a theme for your army. Makes the army more meaningful.

  4. Sod painting the symbols onto your vehicles, George. Print out some transfers. Cheaper than buying them, too.

    Bren carriers usually had minimal markings. No tac signs, you can get away with just the vehicle number and divisional sign Tbh.

  5. Where's your sense of adventure Andy, I will be perusing your site again for ideas shortly, especially when I get to my armour. I take it the carrier will be plain green but perhaps with the 'mouse' camo?

  6. Plain green is a pretty safe option for late war. I nearly did my Shermans in the green/dark blue scheme the kiwis used until quite late in Italy, but it would have looked wrong when using them for Normandy games.
    The nice thing about WW2 is you can probably find a photo somewhere that backs up any bonkers paint scheme you want to slap on them (especially the Germans).

    1. I have spent some time looking for something nice but it always comes down to plain green for Normandy, the only Mickey Mouse I have seen is on models not on real ones, although I have read this was standard for all non armour for 1944 onwards.