Thursday, 3 March 2016

Even More War and Conquest

Another miserable night to travel to Lancaster, and where do they put the latest roadworks, right where I pick my friend up. I had nothing arranged due to not being at the club last week and being away for the weekend, so when Simon said he was happy to again try War and Conquest I leapt at the chance.

The armies deploy, the Saxons on the right.
Saxon bodyguard with their King.
 I managed to put together two 2,000 point armies during my lunch break, a Saxon Heptarchy force, being a later army they can use shieldwall, and Romano-British. I insisted on carrying all four boxes into the club myself so that if anything happened I could only blame myself, my arms were almost touching the floor by the time I got them in. I kept the deployment etc. simple so we could just about get stuck in once we set up, I quickly took Simon through the rules, he has played once before and actually remembered quite a bit, he took the Brits and I took the Saxons. Both armies were similar, the Romano-British had steadier troops and slightly better command while the Saxon ace up their sleeve was the King's bodyguard, stone cold killers.

Both sides advance.

I moved my Gedriht (bodyguard) forward quickly and engaged the first enemy I met, I sent skirmishers against the British left while the rest of my men advanced slightly then went into shieldwall. Simon advanced cautiously but managed to rain a torrent of missiles on my heroes, nevertheless they got into contact and duly routed the foe, but they did not run fast enough and the Brits got away, but only just. Another charge went in while more of my men fell to a hail of javelins, again they were victorious but again the Brits legged it far enough to stay in the game.

Dark Age mayhem.

My bodyguard eventually routed under the pressure but elsewhere my units were winning the fight, however Simon had his Comitatus readying for a flank attack when we had to call a halt due to time. It was a shame as it was still anyone's game at that point. Things are naturally slower when you are showing someone how to play a new game, hopefully Simon will play more games and we will get fast enough to finish a 2,000 point game in the time allowed at the club.

Elsewhere we had the popular Frostgrave, a Black Powder game and the Bloodbowl league with the two boardgame lads in the corner, I was too engrossed in our game to see what they were playing.

AWI I believe.
The identity of the players has been protected.

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