Monday, 7 March 2016

Retail Therapy

I've done it again, two new armies with accessories all winging their way to my front door, the most fun I have had since the WAC tournament a week or so ago.

I drew up two 500 point starter armies and sent the results off to a couple of mates, both gave me helpful advice, Matt on figures and vehicles and Paul, who is a seasoned Bolt Action player, tweaked the lists for me while also recommending some figure manufacturers. I was happy that the British list was almost the same as that which I chose, the German list was changed quite a bit with the inclusion of a number of assault rifles and a motorcycle combination, the second list dropped the motorbike but included a Panzer II 'Luchs' light tank.

Last night as I bought figures I ticked them off on the lists, most of the ground troops are Artizan for the Germans and Crusader for the British, I also bought anti-tank teams, spotters and snipers either from Black Tree Design or Warlord Games. This morning I finished my spending spree with the motorcycle combination, a universal carrier and instead of the 'Luchs' a Sdkfz 222 light armoured car, I shall leave actual tanks for later when I have more men and more experience. I also bought bases and magnets to slot into the bases rather than the magnetic tape I use for my WAC armies. I went for the little magnets this time as the BA figures do not need to be put on movement trays and Warbases already have the slots cut out for you, not on all their bases but I can sort the larger ones out myself, I am not completely useless at DIY if it involves my troops.

So there you have it, easily a couple of hundred quid on everything I need to start Bolt Action and also to give me hours of fun painting and organising, I also look forward to putting my own personal touches to the vehicles and tarting up the bases of my machine gun teams, mortars and snipers etc. I have seen a lot I like online and on various forums and blogs which are all great resources for beginners and veterans alike.

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  1. Huzzah!!! Now finish those cavalry before your WW2 toys arrive ;o)