Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Damn Post Office and some British

I have to be up early today as the decorator will be here to finish this week, so I took the opportunity to motor on down to the sorting office, I found that the doughball who tried to deliver my parcel last week is the usual doughball that rings the doorbell on every other day but that one. Not only does he knows there is a parcel for the village Post Office but leaves it on the shelf for a week while delivering other stuff, knowing we are present all week either in the shop or in the house. No wonder they are in trouble. Grrrrr.

Anyway, just as I thought it was my SdKfz 222 armoured car from Blitzkrieg Miniatures, and lovely it is too, it is resin and a quick look this morning shows it is a fine piece of casting, and surprisingly hefty, which I like. I am looking forward to trying out my German camo colours on it.

I completely finished my British 500 point 'army' last night, a job which took longer than it should due to the work being done in the house and other real life issues. I am very pleased so far with my efforts but it is obvious this is a force to learn the rules with, I am going to need at least treble these numbers before I quit.

500 points.

Support teams.
I also managed to get my two German squads and an extra MG42 team 90% complete over the weekend, I suspect they will be finished by the weekend. I have run into a problem, I am doing mid to late war Germans, basically Normandy to the end, these fellows all have camo smocks and boots and gaiters, I would like some 'normal' uniformed squads but these all have jackboots which were discontinued around 1942. Artizan do short boots but they all have greatcoats, lovely figures but hardly what you will find in the summer of '44, so at the moment I am leaning towards all my Germans having smocks. To prevent me having too many of one figure I am thinking of using the Artizan winter smock miniatures and simply painting them with the normal splinter camo instead of white, who could tell from a quick look at a wargame table, yes I know there is always that one guy, but stuff him. Mind you, a whole platoon in greatcoats would be nice.

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