Friday, 25 March 2016

George the Builder

I have completed my second squad of British and to be honest if there had been no work on the house I would have had the whole 500 points finished, so although I have to paint camo on the Germans I am hoping that I should have my two forces done by the end of April at the very latest.

So I need WWII terrain, I have plenty of trees but require fences and hedges, mainly hedges, I could probably do a nice small 4x4 table as countryside at the moment utilising some of my Dark Age stuff but being me I want the right stuff. I like the terrain produced by The Last Valley and will probably get most of what I want from there, this will mean a visit to a show as I am not sure you can order it online.

For my buildings I was going to simply buy 4Ground as they come ready painted and I have most of their Western buildings which are superb, and if you do not go for the large ones decently priced for being painted. However the WWII buildings just don't look right to me, they are too clean, sure I could spend some time on them with new roof tiles and weathering etc. but then what's the point of buying them painted, and to be honest I thought the prices a bit steep.

I therefore spent last night buying a couple of farmhouses, a ruined building and some outhouses from Charlie Foxtrot Models, all for a decent price and I have to say all with plenty of character, I will simply have to make time to paint them. Owner Colin is a friend of mine so I hope my small order will go some way to help pay his bar bill.

Although CFM do a nice range of town buildings I am going to go for a more simple countryside look to my battlefields, at least for now, I have some roads which will suit the countryside but will need more. I am going to Salute so will probably pick up most of what I want there.

The above are a few examples of CFM buildings, I particularly like the bank and school, so I can see a country schoolhouse coming up at some point.


  1. You'll enjoy doing the buildings! I have a heap in boxes waiting to be built and I'm really looking forward to it :o)
    Tip, if I may, don't put the building on a fixed 'country style' bases, instead do a separate base then if you decide to start a more village themed collection you can make slightly more urban bases for the buildings?

  2. The buildings do look very realistic.