Thursday, 17 November 2016

Konflict '47

A bit late for my usual club report but I have a very large map project on and want to be able to get it off to the author by the end of next week or shortly after if I can so no dilly dallying during the day.

I was offered a place in a Konflict '47 game by Stuart, it is a Weird WWII game taking Bolt Action to another level, the gist is that the war does not end in '45 of course but goes on and both sides now bring into action all sorts of weird and wonderful and supernatural things to win. I had a quick look at the background story and it read well, from what I gleaned Germany is fighting the usual forces, however Russia has now fallen out with the Western Allies and is fighting against them on a new Middle East front. The good guys have power armour, robots, walkers etc. while the evil Germans also have these along with werewolves, zombies and flying beasties, no doubt the Soviets have some dastardly stuff as well.

It is still Bolt Action though and the mechanics are mostly the same apart from new rules to cover the zombies etc. It does have some really nice figures and machines but I thought sticking some kind of energy weapon on the top of a Sherman hull a bit of a cop out, having said that Stuarts troops may not be Warlord as he has had them for some time, but they do look good.

We had three a side and Stuart umpired, things did not go quickly as a lot of the special rules for the odd ball stuff had to be checked, but on my side of the table we were the poor relatives, I had a walker and Ian zombies and flying beasties, so it was pretty straightforward. We were given carte blanche to continue without waiting on the rest of the table.

Look familiar?

I put my two squads, HMG and walker together in a couple of small woods and let the enemy come to me, which Ian did, more to test the rules than seriously beat me. As you would expect his zombies took a lot of fire as they slowly hobbled across the open ground and so by the time they got to me their assault was easily beaten off. The flying beasties were also shot up and as there were only two of them they were never going to really affect the game, having said that you could see the potential of having a much larger unit, not something you could easily ignore.
Walking Dead attack.

I am not sure how the game ended, I would happily play it again but having two normal Bolt Action forces and no interest in weird anything I would have to be stuck, kudos for Stuart bringing his stuff and organising the game nonetheless.

Have you seen the flashing light 'explosions' used in some games, you probably will have if you watch any YouTube wargaming videos, I looked online to see if I could buy them and came across a 'how to' tutorial. So about a week ago I got some flashing LED tealights and the missus dug out some old cotton wool type stuffing she had from her craft days. I teased out a rough square of the stuff, sprayed some contact adhesive I had lying about over it (this is great stuff for flocking large terrain pieces) then wrapped it around the light. This is a sod of a job and I ended up with paws rather than hands.

My hands looked similar when done.
 Once dry I tidied them up a bit with the scissors, teased a bit more and hey presto, done, so far my costs had been about £2.50 of real money, this rapidly jumped when I found I had no black primer left and had to buy a tin, £7! I could possibly have brushed some black wash over it but it is much easier with a spray, so I now have black primer for some project in the future. I gave them a light spray on the bottom and a darker one on top, I am pretty chuffed with them.

I do wonder however that they may be slightly large for say a universal carrier or might not sit properly on a destroyed vehicle, but they will look nice spread around a battlefield or in ruined buildings.

I have come to a decision on my next army, it is going to be Western Patrician Roman, a complete U-turn from what I had been thinking about. I am going to finish off my Bolt Action forces and begin the new army on or around 1st January 2017, this should take about six months to complete to about 3,000 points for War and Conquest. I am looking forward to it already.

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  1. Yeah, K47 doesn't really tickle my fancy either. I can't help but think that it's just a bit... well... silly? Each to their own though, as long as people are happy playing with their toys then that's all that matters.

    Those light are superb!! Well done sir!! Pop link to the YouTube video in the comments please :o)