Sunday, 6 November 2016

View From The WIndow

Looks like being a cold and foul day, huge grey cloud on the horizon, damp outside and a cutting wind in the air. Washington House remains empty, no one seems to be bothered about the place not the caretakers nor the blood sucking estate agents, the owner remains in a home and and would no doubt be upset that the place is so unloved and unwanted, I can see the price having to come way down before it is sold. Nothing stirs at the moment and I am unsure if the Stock Car racing is on today as that will bring chaos to the road, they may have closed up for the year, we will see.

I see the BBC are still at it, not only do they give credence to every piece of bad news being the fault of Brexit they are still happy to kick Nigel Farage in the teeth. Last week they gave us a comedy, and I use the term loosely, on how Nigel may find it hard to adjust to life after his Brexit victory, I didn't watch it because I thought the idea petty and thought I would wait for their take on our spineless posh toff ex-prime minister or Citizen Smith Labour leader before I could judge things properly, I might have to wait awhile.

I also believe the BBC have no idea what the word 'comedy' means, it is busy touting the return for the umpteenth series of 'Citizen Khan', I have never managed to get past the first two or three minutes of desperate acting and even worse jokes, you know the ones, where you can see them being set up and can mouth the punchline before the 'actors'. It is in the same boat as Terry and June or My Family, utter garbage. I also wish they would stop cluttering the airwaves with 'black' or 'moslem' comedy in an effort to show that we are all the same, I have tried to watch some of this stuff but to me it is not funny, I also in the main do not find women comedians funny, and don't get me started on 'Mrs' Browns Boys', aaaargh!

What about the rage against the sportsman Louis Smith and his public humiliation at having laughed at someone taking the mick out of Islam at a private do.  Instead of telling people to mind their own business and it was an invasion of his privacy to have made such public knowledge, or even better that people should lighten up and take it for what it was he has been turned into a cowering, apologetic, mea culpa, wreck. This non event was even discussed in the Commons and instead of condemning his treatment the government gave some wishy washy comments which hopefully would not have any of them blown up or knifed in the street. The only thing I can see that Mr. Smith has to apologise for is his ridiculous top knot.

One of the arguments about not leaving the EU was that our scientific budget would be hugely reduced, well you will be glad to know what we do have left is not going to waste, remember when the men, and women Reg, told us that eggs were bad for us and our arteries would clog up as we slurped them down, well good news. Those same people in white coats have now discovered that eggs are good for you and you should eat at least one a day! Where would we be without these brave folks on the edge of the scientific frontier informing us that the sun can burn, rain will make you wet, butter is bad for you, no wait, butter is good for you, let me check ..............

Good, no bad, no good, no wait............

I used to laugh at my mum and dad and their pill trays lying on the kitchen worktop, how posh am I, it would have been on the bunker or in the scullery in the old days, anyway I chuckled and made jokes, now I am beginning to think of getting one myself. Two reasons, one is that I get fed up taking them all out of a morning, finding the right ones amongst all the boxes and of course the other is that the days pass so quickly I do wonder if I have just taken them or was that yesterday?

I am so happy that England and Scotland will wear poppies in their game next Friday, I would have been disgusted if they had given in to the instructions from FIFA that somehow the simple reminder of our war dead was political or religious in some way. I also find it somewhat rich that FIFA made this insulting decision at their HQ in Switzerland, their chairman is also Swiss, a country which, as is their nature, lent money to the Nazi regime pretty much right up to the surrender of Germany and then post-war did its utmost to hang on to treasure and bullion taken from Jewish victims of said Nazi Germany. One of the few countries which cannot celebrate the end of World War II and the defeat of evil.

The US elections, where do you stand, probably like me you are more than pleased that you do not have to make a choice between a lunatic and a criminal, many Americans it would seem would like to be in the same boat. I watched one of the debates, well some of it, and found out nothing about their policies only that both could sling insults at each other which in other circumstances would result in libel cases. Sadly not only will America be left with one of these two unsuitable leaders so will the 'free' world.

Can I end on an upbeat mood, nope.Well possibly, I have been reading much of James Delingpole's writings lately and have found out that he now does a weekly Podcast called Delingpole with James Delingpole they last for about an hour and I was spell bound by two of his guests, Claire Fox and Gary Bell QC, the former for her beliefs in free speech and the latter simply as a fascinating character with an extraordinary tale of his life.

That's it for probably a couple of weeks, I am away next weekend and will be leaving the house for the day very early the Sunday after, I shall have to hope my musings remain relevant after a couple of weeks.


  1. Good to know that I can eat eggs again, though whether I can force one down every day to meet the new health standard, I am not so sure. It does however gives me cause to 'up' my chocolate ration to high, as no doubt this also will become very good for you one day.

    1. I have never had any doubt chocolate is a super food, very much like Lyons Midget Gems or Liquirice gums, or Moam Pinballs or .............

  2. Problem is I like to eat eggs with three sausages, bacon and fried bread.

    Another brilliant piece. I am sick of being told I have to like and respect other cultures when they display beliefs I find anathema to civilised living. Sorry mateys we are not all the same, some of you are wrong and misled!

    1. Thanks, there won't be a View next week, but I might not be able to hold off for another week as the modern world encroaches on my sanity.