Thursday, 10 November 2016

Scotland, Scotland!

I wouldn't watch a sporting event if you tied me to a chair and superglued my eyes open, wait, obviously I would have to watch in that scenario but you get the gist, I have no interest in sport in all its shapes and forms. There is however one sporting event I will watch and the pleasure was taken away many years ago, the Scotland vs England football match, two teams once giants but now only so in the minds of their supporters, especially the Scots.

To anyone North of the border this is Bannockburn all over again but sadly usually ends up as Halidon Hill, Homildon Hill, Falkirk or Flodden, you notice I don't mention Culloden as that was the British vs Rebels not Scotland vs England, pedantic but true. I live in England, will likely die in England, have terrific English friends but yes, tomorrow is the eve of Bannockburn no matter how unlikely a victory.

I suspect nearly everyone in both countries will be watching the big game tomorrow night, I will be at my base of operations for the War and Conquest gaming weekend in Lincoln and will be sharing the bar with the players who, to a man and a woman, will be the Auld Enemy, am I worried, not at all they are outnumbered.

I want a win of course but in my heart of hearts I know that will be a miracle, the old days are gone with the likes of Denis Law, Jim Baxter, Billy Bremner and their ilk who wore their shirts with pride, money has taken over and the pool of natural Scots with any talent has dwindled to a puddle. They are already the bottom of their group and once again will miss out on an international event, but if they beat England tomorrow the torment and embarrassment of the past twenty years or so will be washed away overnight. That's what it means to support Scotland. Come on boys!

Cheer up Jimmy, there's always the next time wee man.


  1. 3-0 to England George. Easy !!! But we won't gloat :):):)

    1. Oh yes we bloody well will! - I can't wait... ;-)

  2. What Phil said above, Come on England!!!

  3. It is in the lap of the Gods gentlemen, albeit Phil's prediction seems a tad optimistic on present form :)

  4. I'm not sure why we put ourselves through this! Anyway...come on Scotland!!!

  5. Spot on !! By the way George, did the jocks wear pink at Culloden ?

  6. OK...let's just pretend that didn't happen....