Sunday, 13 November 2016

Scotland, what the...

I have just got back from my weekend away and hope to get the first report up tomorrow. I managed to see most of the second half of the game and it was a dismal performance, worse than I thought possible, why do these people earn so much money for being hopeless.

I also, being a non sporty person, had no idea that Scotland play in a pink shirt, now that was a shocker, and in the same vein as above, who paid someone to come up with a pink shirt! How FIFA thought that we could not tell a largely blue shirt from a largely white shirt is beyond me unless it was punishment for wearing poppies.

All together now "Down at the Y......"

That was it for me, the shirt was the final straw, I now have no sporting interest whatsoever no matter who is playing who.


  1. George, it's a very fetching pink shirt. Ypou should be proud :):):)

  2. I quite liked the shirts. :)

    The game however.... !!!?