Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lady in Red

A bit of light entertainment last night with a simple 100 point X-Wing dogfight, it has been a wee while since I took to the stars so I was looking forward to a good fight. I was fighting Simon and Simon always has something new up his sleeve as he is a committed Star Wars fan and avid collector of X-Wing miniatures, he also likes to peruse the upgrade cards, usually along the lines of my hits or defence throws being cancelled.

The Imperials drop in.
Sure enough he had some new ships, a G-1A starfighter, a lovely looking little model, along with two Kihraxz fighters and an M3-A interceptor, Simon was pleased with them but I thought they were a little on the light side and only the G-1A had a decent complement of shields, but of course they all came with a number of upgrade cards. I had dug out a list I had made some time back as it allowed me to bring the Imperial Shuttle to the table, a ship which is not seen very often, but what is the point of having all these different models if you only ever use one or two. I also took Kath Scarlett in a Firespray along with two bog standard Tie fighters, the big ships were my attack dogs while I hoped to use the Ties to gang up on whichever enemy ship was nearest to them. I had a few upgrades but nothing spectacular or easily forgotten.

Scum and Villainy on the horizon.
My plan started well and the two big ships moved towards the enemy concentrating their fire on the G-1A, the Ties were not far away and duly opened up on whoever was closest. We had about three turns where the Shuttle and Simon's ships took damage but nothing particularly life threatening, it was around this time that I had to move the Firespray away from the Shuttle and then haul the latter back into the fray. I can't remember who went first but both the G-1A and the Shuttle tumbled out of the game.

Sadly the Ties were left on their own and although they dealt out some damage removing shields from the enemy they could not escape retribution, I hauled them away but Simon guessed right and ended up on their tails. Unlucky for him one of his ships had had to move over an asteroid twice in its haste to fire at the Ties and the damage suffered from this took it out, he did however still manage to knock out my two fighters. But Kath had now come back into the game and downed another enemy ship, we now had one each, the Firespray still had at least one, maybe two shields left and an unbreached hull, Simon's M3-A I believe only had two hull. It was the end of turn six and therefore the game, I had a lot more points left than the bad guys so victory went to the Empire. I tend to be much better at the club with this than Bolt Action.

Elsewhere the boardgame guys were playing First Ypres, there was a Great War game and a fantasy type board set up as well, one Bloodbowl league game and Julian and Ryan were playing the same but with the new boxed set. Bloodbowl is not my cup of tea but it looked good and the Ork team figures in the new box were simply magnificent sculpts. Not sure what I am doing next week.

The first of my goodies for the new army arrived today, seven pots of paint and varnish, my transfers have also been despatched. I noticed the painting guide turned up but the missus is keeping it hidden until my birthday in a couple of weeks or so, damn.

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