Monday, 5 December 2016

Gremlins and Impatience

My main PC heats up for no reason and switches itself off, it started doing this after two years of almost trouble free use, I took out a three year warranty so it went back, was fixed and now six months later it has started doing the same thing again. It is lying on the floor here in the PO awaiting collection for them to have another go at it, despite everything I do not have much faith that such an intermittent fault will be fixed.

I have come down here this morning to try and work in the PO on my second PC but 'I cants takes no more' as Popeye would say. It is busier than normal and I can't be bothered listening to all the chatter and the looks I am getting as I sit here trying to ignore my surroundings.

Despite my plan for 2017 and not getting to look at my new painting book I have started the new army, as you know I am taking more care of my painting this time, not that I am a bad painter anyway. I began last night with the flesh, a darker shade than I normally use and then drybrushed it this morning with a lighter shade, normally I would put a light shade on then slap a dark wash over it, but I like the way this has turned out.

I have begun reading and looking in to the period of the new army and already there are two conflicting views on the last of the Roman armies, one is that it was predominantly 'Barbarian' forces with a Roman veneer, the other maintains a kind of 50/50  or 50/60 with the last units of the field armies present. From a wargaming point of view I am going for the latter because I want Romans in my Roman army although having read this now I might allow the choice of more Foederati than I would normally take.

Right, I have to get out of here, normal service will hopefully resume in a couple of weeks.


  1. Computers! They lied when they told us they would make life easier!

  2. While I wholeheartedly agree I have to admit that if the PO did not have a computer system then I would have given up in week two. The fact that they still used pencil and paper in 2000AD shocked me and I mean that literally, don't get me started :)

  3. Computers? Where would we be without them!!

    1. I'd be out of a job! Although No.1 is away, we still have No.2, two iPads and the laptop, yes, where would we be.