Sunday, 11 December 2016

View From The Window

Not much of a view this morning as I am at ground level this week as my study PC is somewhere in Lancashire, it has been repaired and sent back to me but we were out yesterday afternoon so all I have is a small card. I was not informed it was coming back and still have had no communication with either Scan or DPD to say it might come today, I did check up online and the page tells me it will be delivered today, do I believe this, not really, just in case I have put a note on the PO door for the driver to knock at my house door rather than assume because the PO is shut we are again not in. It's a horrible, damp grey morning which no doubt heralds a horrible, damp grey day.

Yes Christmas is coming, of an evening I am surrounded by a sea of bright lights and moving pictures of Santa Claus, elves and reindeer, I like Christmas, I love opening my presents on Christmas morning, I never tire of Dino singing 'Let it Snow' but as for the lights, bah humbug.

"Dee Daw" that is the sound of the PO door as people come through with their bundles of Christmas cards for foreign destinations, I was expecting a busy week but it has been fairly quiet apart from yesterday, which either means there will be no rush this year or next week will be hell. I have had several of my annual visitors through the door this week, people who bang on about village life and regret the passing of the thirteen shops which the village once supported, but hey, that 0.002p will ensure I am still here for them next year.

10 more than my Christmas rush.

I see Boris Johnson is in trouble for saying something everybody already knows, and who are now busy distancing themselves from and pretending he made it up. I get it that diplomats have to be diplomatic but would we have a better world if we treated all the bad guys as bad guys because it sure doesn't work when you pretend otherwise.

Crowdfunding, no I had no idea what it was either, it seems that in this brave new world of people politics you can send money to said organisation to fund people who want to be politicians but don't belong to any party. I think it is mad as well but the social justice warriors think it is a great idea, anyway they had an advert on the box the other night or it was a news item, and many talking heads, ninety percent young people, you know, the ones who didn't vote in the referendum then moaned about having their futures thrown away by us oldies. Get to the point I hear you say, OK, the last one said 'extremists will not get funding', so what is their idea of an extremist, who will be barred from getting funding and who will make the decision? In my experience extremists have no problem getting funding, many of them are funded by the state i.e. benefits or their deluded followers. I have a suspicion that if I asked for funding I would quickly be identified as an extremist as my views do not coincide with those of the SJW's.

And I see another victory for the SJW's here in the north, a woman charged with contempt of court has been set free, she is an anti-fraking campaigner and the case is somewhat strange in that the proceedings yesterday were held in secret. She was swigging champagne and whooping it up having beat the system, well we are not quite sure as the whole deal was secret. Like the loons who block motorways, runways and destroy equipment she broke the law but was let off, what then is the point of the law if you can break it as long as you are a rebel with a cause, preferably a green one.

Don't you are disagree!

 Security here at Stalag Anderson will have to be beefed up, in the ironing basket, don't forget I am ex-Navy so can handle the steam breathing monster, I counted thirteen single socks whose partners have all made a successful bid for freedom. I did manage to catch two at a local airport, one on some barbed wire with a motorbike nearby and tricked another as it got on a bus. All joking aside how is it they go into the wash basket, as in the Ark, two by two but only one comes back, I may have exaggerated with thirteen as I managed to pair up some more in the light of day, all my socks are black but here again they disguise themselves in all shades of grey so that it is difficult to find two the same. This afternoon I have the Goons looking for tunnels.

These won't get far.

"My bad", "I so want to do that" or "that is well good, well this or well that" what is the point of those, especially "My bad" which I hear far too much of these days, presumably it is modern for 'sorry' or 'my fault' it doesn't make sense you moron. I also cringe when SO is used, there is no need, use a proper word if you really have to, of course we have Friends to thank for the spread of that one, something I did try and watch but never managed a full episode.

Do you get the feeling that the Remoaners are secretly thankful that Brexit occured, it has turned into a 'get out of jail free' card, we all know that the economy for instance was always perfect before Brexit, never a blip or a fall, but now, when things are not going the way you want you play the Brexit card. If some anti-social lout attacks someone with a slight tan, instead of blaming the feral underclass you play the Brexit card so you don't need to explain why the thug is living in a dump with drug lords on every corner and not a policeman in sight. Anything which happens which is news worthy and is bad news is down to Brexit, from the size of Cadbury Creme Eggs to broken windows in Bradford. Give me a break.

I read last night that A.A. Gill the food critic and writer has died from cancer, I used to get the Sunday Times every Sunday until it dumbed down and his articles and reviews were exceptional and a joy to read, I was never going to visit any of the restuarants but that was not the point. Any man who gets thrown out of a restaurant by the awful Gordon Ramsay with Joan Collins at his side is a loss.

Right I am off, I have typed this up in the PO which is a place I should not be on a Sunday morning and it is cold so I am now going to retire to the shelter of my home to await the delivery of my computer, mmmmm.


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  2. Brilliant George. It's so nice to read something that just says it how it is - kind of refreshing to not have to 'read between the lines'.

    I'm a little disturbed by your use of the word 'Gringe' though...

    Urban Dictionary: gringe

    2. not having had a girlfriend in two years has resulted in his penis declining into a gringe from lack of cleaning and constant excoriation from masturbating.

    Isn't life cruel!!!

  3. It's the auto thingy, and I know where you live Mr. Toone.

    1. Yeah, yeah, we all blame the auto thingy!!

      I've moved from my previous dustbin to another where you'll never find me!

  4. Socks! I gave up and started buying those ones with coloured ends. It doesn't help!" I still have one disappear every wash! I blame next door's cat or an inter dimensional wormhole in the dryer. In the eighties I had a girlfriend who wore the then trendy lacy stockings. She would put them in a special bag to go in the washing machine so they didn't get caught on anything. That's what I need. I could put them in pairs straight into the bag. No escape! or would there be?

    1. Never underestimate socks. I was given a tip to pin the two together with a clothes peg but I am not sure that would be good for the drum. I have five new pairs and I was tempted, nonetheless I have logged them all out and hope to log them all in.