Thursday, 15 December 2016

Regii, Auxilium Palatinum

My birthday today, life trundles on and though I am 64 I still feel 63. I am sitting here 'home alone' as the wife's Christmas bash for her ukulele club has coincided with me being another year older, I am not taking it personal as I have shared 39 birthdays with her so far.

I have had the day off and apart from a quick jaunt into Lancaster and some food shopping I have spent the day basing my first unit for the new Roman army, as I was putting more effort into the painting I have done the same with the basing so it has taken most of the day on and off waiting for PVA to dry etc. The unit in question is one of two Auxilia commands the other being a Legionarii unit, they are named as Regii, Auxilium Palatinum.

My presents are all wargame related, a Sherman V for my WWII British along with the Footsore figures to make the above Legionarii. I also got the Painting War special on the Dark Ages. I am not sure having seen it how useful the book will be, I cannot see me taking 7 or 8 steps to paint hair or 15 steps to paint a horse. I have seen whole armies painted to very high standards without putting five different shades of each colour on the figures but using the triad method of base, dark and light colours. No matter, it is very pretty.


  1. Happy Birthday! I very much enjoy reading your Blog Posts and I suspect there are a number of similarities in our respective views of the world. Just a pity you're a Jock . . . .

    1. Cheers. I was stateless for a day when the big vote was on, Cameron abandoned me and Salmond didn't want me, how many people can say that. You do know that's a Scottish surname :)

  2. That's one beautiful unit!! :o)