Sunday, 29 October 2017

View From The Window

Doesn't look to great out there, very murky, dry for now but the cold is beginning to bite, that is probably it now until our early summer, the two weeks in May, before it all goes south again. The village is looking grubby at the moment and a dog lover left a little parcel at my gate for the first time in years, in broad daylight as well, pity I was unable to catch him/her, I have been crap free until now after I put a picture of one offender in the shop window, I shall have to be on my guard again.

We are now a one car family again, the little Jazz looked more forlorn that the Batmobile when we left it in the Mercedes forecourt, it really was out of place, two hours and about twenty signatures later we drove the 'Ghost' home. It has caused me to wonder about driverless cars, well up to a point, this one has headlights which dip and adjust as you drive along, it slows you down if you go too close to another car and it can park itself plus the usual useless it is 4deg outside, you have 57 miles left before filling up etc. What it doesn't have is an off button for the radio, you have to mute it instead, what idiot missed that one, Vorsprung Deutsch Dumb.

We have been given a grant by the Post Office, surprise, and are using it to put in new floor tiles, mainly to tart the place up a tad and also to spare me the cost of doing it when we eventually close and the place becomes my official wargame room/den. I don't have a lot of faith in the outfit doing the work, despite my wife popping in and choosing a tile they had no idea what we wanted, they also seemed less than keen to contact us and sort it out. Also the guy laying the tiles is not the guy who came and priced the job, the floor is awkward as it used to be a dwelling and has several bumps in it along with a hearth and I can see him standing there shaking his head as he tries to get out of doing it. We are closing the shop for the day, so every cloud etc.

The real world of course bimbles along, last week it was people who take out horrendous loans to get their hi-tech fixes now instead of saving up for them, you must remember in the olden days when people saved up. It is not their fault they sign up to the crazy deals and the government should do something about it, you know, the same kind of thing where the government should do something about people eating seven burgers at a sitting. Anyway if I was looking at a TV for £799 but would end up paying £2,000+ I would look elsewhere instead of looking for a pen. One of these unhappy people had borrowed to get two TV's, an X-Box, a sound system and two beds, if you are skint which of those do you not need to get? And it was no good the sanctimonious reporter pointing at the down market trader, go to any high street shop and you will be given instant moolah to buy stuff although it is obvious you don't have two pennies to rub together.

When I heard the words 'Gina Miller has been voted the most.......' I quickly added hated person in the UK, but no, it was 'influential black person of 2017', I wonder who is going to get Most Influential White Person?

Listen to me when I am telling you you are wrong!

You may or may not remember quite some time ago I ranted on about the right on vicar and his mate who tried to break into a BAE factory and damage a zillion pound jet fighter, they were pronounced not guilty this week, despite professing that was what they intended to do! This along with the posh student who stabbed her boyfriend and walked, along with many other cases makes me wonder where this jail overcrowding comes from.

November the 5th OK for you padre?

What really had me spitting blood this week, I just couldn't help it, was two 'celebs' or whatever they are telling all who would listen that their new baby would be brought up gender neutral like their other kid/s. I'd like to see some kid passing that off on entering a school in Motherwell or Middlesborough or anywhere where most people are grounded in the real world.

My children will be gender neutral and have no fashion sense so there.

And now to the real kick in the teeth, the UK government is now advocating that a UN charter drop the words 'pregnant women' and use 'pregnant people' in case the two transgender 'men' who still have wombs here are upset. Where did I put that white flag?

I really do give up, this may be the last View apart from the odd everyday madness which affects me.

I don't listen to music very often and either like a tune or not, although I do like proper rock n roll, but in order to cheer me up this morning here's a little tune I found which has hit a chord.


  1. Does make one one wonder what has happened to the world, are we the few or are they?
    Great find, can't beat a bit of Ska to cheer things up.

    1. We are definitely not the few, but the few are definitely in charge. That sounds quite good.

  2. Well I hope you don’t give up your ‘Views’. As to ‘Celebs’: who with a few brain cells cares what any of these pointless wastes of space say?

    1. Me too, always look forward to them myself.
      Speaking of celebrities, prize for the most aptly named TV programme last night has to be "Pointless Celebrities"

    2. It's not the Slebs that bother me, I can't tell them apart, it is the overturning of everything which to me makes sense and is part of my world.

      Every week just brings more madness. I bet they don't even see the irony in 'Pointless Celebrities', how apt.

  3. While i do feel for these poor people who do actually struggle with their sexuality. I don't want it thrust in my face all the bloody time!
    Nice bit of Ska though?

    1. Agree mate. You are the second person to properly identify the piece as SKA, looked it up, still baffled, however to paraphrase Dick Emery "But I like it".

  4. One thing that sticks me form the post are those blokes that broke into the BAe factory. Guaranteed that the people who will suffer will be security personnel, who will be kicked for not doing their job, and the health & safety guy, who'll probably have missed a risk assessment entitled 'Risks to F**kwits when they break into your factory'.

    Of course, if the vicar had hurt himself upon something sharp while in the factory illegally, the obscene thing is that he would have got a claim *sigh*

  5. Nooooooo don't give this view up its great most amusing