Coffeyville 1892

A Dead Man's Hand scenario.

The Cast

The bank robbers: Grat, Bob and Emmett Dalton, Bill Power, Dick Broadwell. The townspeople: Marshall Connelly, John Koehlr and eight citizens.

The Story So Far

Grat Dalton wants enough money to escape the law, he also wants to be bigger than Jesse James thus he plans to rob two banks at the same time. Unfortunately they have been spotted by the townspeople, who arm themselves to stop the robberies.

The Set

See the map. Bob and Emmett Dalton are in the 1st National Bank, the others are in the C.M. Condon bank, Grat is a Boss and the others are Dudes. Marshall Connelly does not enter until turn three, John Koehlr is in his store, two citizens are in Isham’s Store, one at the corner of ‘Death Alley’, the others should be placed around the plaza, not too close to the banks. The statistics for the townspeople are one Marshall and seven citizens. The outlaws and the Marshall all have Winchesters and pistols, the townsfolk also have Winchesters and two have shotguns, no pistols.

Town set up.

Each side uses their full deck of 23 cards. The robbers get three cards, the townspeople two. The townsfolk must spend one action arming themselves if inside a building, if outside they must enter a building first then spend two actions arming. The robbers can have the hostage card in their original hand if they wish, but only the thieves in the C.M. Condon bank can use it.

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