Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Flying Solo

You would think having such an easy life I would be bored and turning out an army every couple of weeks, well I have not been able to get to a paintbrush in almost two weeks now and still have not managed it this week either. Some of the lads wanted a large ACW game yesterday and I volunteered, but of all the Tuesdays in all the calendars where the missus could have a lunch appointment it had to be this one.

My new PC turned up (more anon) and I was like a bear with a sore head for most of the afternoon and only just managed to organise some squadrons for X-Wing dogfights at the club before I gathered up my stuff and made a sharp exit.

I am not the greatest pilot in the galaxy and to be honest enjoy scenarios rather than dogfights with X-Wing as that way some of the more obscure ships also get a chance to make it onto the table. Anyway in the first game I took five bog standard ships with nothing extra on them, I also wanted to try out the Z95 and the E-Wing, I was hoping to give Simon a fright with numbers. He chose two IG-88 robot ships tooled up to the eyeballs so it was me who got the fright, within a short time I lost three ships and the other two were smarter than me and were heading for the table edge and home. Is it just me or are Scum & Villainy overpowered, probably just me.

We had time to play a second game and this time I flew the Millennium Falcon for the first time since I bought it with Han Solo, tooled up and with two Rookie X-Wing escorts, Simon went for two Y-Wings and three Z-95's, all had extra weapons of some kind or other, much better than my effort previously.
Yes, a Scottish Falcon.

Things started well apart from Han, who couldn't hit a barn door, even with re-rolls, the two Rookies played their part and sold their lives dearly, I managed to down one Y-Wing early on and had a nice set up on the second when everything went south, bloody Han again! I lost the two Rookies and then Simon got an excellent volley on the Falcon and it took some heavy damage, it was also in a position to take more when I threw the towel in.

As much as I blamed Han Solo for my tribulations some of the blame I had to take myself as I had a card which, if I had remembered to play, would probably have decided the game in my favour. So many games and so little time. I have to get back to the PC now.


  1. From what I've heard, X-wing is another game that I need to keep well away from!! ;-) ;-)
    Good luck with the PC.

  2. It is addictive and you always need that new ship, I went 'cold turkey' on X-Wing and have managed to restrain myself so far. If I played more I might weaken.