Thursday, 6 August 2015

Slings and Arrows, well Slings at least

I have just received another WWI project for seventeen maps, the Somme and tanks are popular at the moment, I suspect this is because the hundredth anniversaries are coming up in the next few years, a year ago I couldn't escape Normandy.

Anyway I have cleared the decks yet again, the slingers are done and the horse archers will get their primer this evening ready for next week. The Saxon slingers should be in action this weekend as a game is planned for Saturday, another 'training day' for November involving the Romano-British of course and a Saxon army of around 600AD, the same one which fought at Deorham recently.

 The reason I have moved to the later list is that it gives the Saxons a bit of backbone and puts them on a more even footing against the Romano-British list which is used for the tournaments. I had meant to look into both armies and mould them to my own ideas but have not had the time so far, so I will rely on the judgement of others until I can get more time.

I think these are gorgeous figures.


  1. Looking good George!
    Which list are you using?

  2. Andy Hawes has done three Saxon lists and I believe they are being used for the WAC day at Peterborough along with others. I think it is pretty fair historically and puts up a better fight and gives a better game than earlier 'raider' lists.

  3. They must all have the same barber.